Grow Your Audience

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Grow Your Audience

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8 x 8

A written description of the magical symbolism of the painting will be included.

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This painting represents a call to the Universe to grow your audience. The sacred imagery includes a rose to represent the Great Mother whose support ensures businesses grow with love and ease and are deeply connected to and honor the needs of the earth and body. The sacred imagery also includes a seed breaking open with roots spreading across the earth and shoots of allspice leaves reaching upward to the sky. Allspice evokes thoughts of lush abundance. It is also associated with the element of fire which speaks to the intention to attract people who are passionate about your services or business. I included the magic of the Cedar Waxwing bird because it winters in the south and arrives in the the north in the spring. When mating, the male and female will sit together and pass things like flower petals or insects back and forth and rub their beaks together. They also take care of each other and when the end of a twig holds berries that only one bird can reach, they all line up and pass berries beak to beak down the line so each bird gets a chance to eat. That’s the kind of caring, supportive audience this painting will help you attract to your business. Cedar waxwings also play an important role in seed dispersion. Imagine your seeds of intention for your business being planted everywhere this sweet bird travels.