She is Connected

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She is connected to her child and the Universe as she learns to listen to the wisdom from Spirit, the Earth, the Moon and her Heart. Scroll down for more description of this painting’s symbolism.

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This is a print of a mixed media painting depicting a mother holding her baby. Their spirits are connected as symbolized by the swirling line kissing each of their foreheads (or third eyes). The mother leans over to tune in and listen to the wisdom of the Moon, the earth and her heart. There is also a goddess speaking wisdom into her mind as represented by the swirling lines coming out of the goddess’ mouth and twirling around the top of the mother’s head.

I created this painting to celebrate motherhood. I dream that all mothers feel emotionally and spiritually nourished as they enter this sacred but challenging phase of their lives. It is also meant to remind mothers to trust their own spiritual guidance and their own mother intuition. I believe every child’s Spirit chooses their mother and father and when we look inward and trust our own hearts, we embody more of our own inner Spirit and become exactly the parent we were always meant to be.