The Great Mother

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The Great Mother

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8 x 8

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This painting represents the Great Mother.

She reminds you that you can find what you were never given. You can claim what was never offered. You can receive more than your past knew how to pass on to you. Your soul has more resources than you can imagine.

The mother you needed can still be found and the inner child who needed her can still be cared for because no child is meant to have only one mother. You can have many mothers and they can be found in the strangest of places.

Great Mother shows herself in the eyes of a listening friend. She can be found in the soulful guidance of a wise teacher or in the tender touch of a healer. She can be found in a comforting hug or in the forest among the trees. Great Mother can be found in the soothing sounds of the ocean or the warm rays of the sun. She can be found in the rock I carry in my pocket or the holy water I spray on my altar.

And Great Mother can be found in you.

She is the silent voice that says, “You belong here. You belong in this body. You are safe here. My belly is full with the promise of you. I carry your hopes in my round womb. You are safe to crack open and allow more of you to shine through in this world. More of your love. More of your magic. More of your light. Don’t ever apologize for freeing your spirit. She is tired of hiding and she knows she doesn’t have to anymore. I’ve been singing her lullabies and it’s causing her to stir. Don’t be afraid. You can’t always see me but I am here. I am always here because you are the shining light. You are the goddess. You are the winged one. You are the heart that knows no bottom. You are the voice that knows no silence.  You are the hands that reach for more. You are the spirit that wants to be set free and you are the wisdom that knows how.”