Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive



The Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive is a specially designed day for you and me to dive deep into both the spiritual and practical aspects of your business or creative dreams.

The Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive isn’t just another course or session. It’s a transformative experience, marrying intuitive insights with practical actions. It’s designed to shift energies, unblock barriers, and realign you with your truest aspirations.

The Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive is a unique blend of spiritual and practical steps forward. It’s not just about strategies; it’s about aligning your inner energies, understanding messages from the spiritual realm, and integrating those insights into tangible actions. I hope this creative approach addresses both the root causes and brings a depth and magic that’s not easy to find in business focused sessions.

The Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive spans the course of a single day, typically from 11 or noon MT until 6 or 7 pm MT, with breaks integrated for meals and rest.

The Unstuck and Unstoppable Full Day Intensive is designed to be effective virtually. Our virtual sessions are structured to ensure deep connection, clarity, and transformation from the comfort of your home. If, however, you prefer the idea of heading out to Bragg Creek, Alberta, to spend the day with me in my studio email me and we can discuss this.

After our intensive, you’ll receive a follow-up email summarizing the key insights and action steps from our day and a link to the recordings. Additionally, there will be a 30-minute follow-up call two weeks later to address any questions or challenges that might arise as you implement what you’ve learned.