Art Journal with the Moon June 19-25 2023

Art Journal with the Moon for June 19-25, 2023

This is a summary of the moon’s energy for the upcoming week and the inner work and magic you can do in your art journal to make the most of the opportunities the cosmos is gifting us with.

Every week the emotional and magical opportunities the moon is sending you are different because the energy she is drawing down from the planets and stars changes moment to moment. Planets and stars and moon phases and moon signs each carry their own unique energy .This is my weekly update (Mon-Fri) of the moon’s comings and goings to support you in aligning with her energy.

Get your art journal or a scrap of paper you see lying around, your art supplies or those pencil crayons you have hidden away somewhere and have fun. Spend 10 – 20 minutes focusing on the themes the moon is supporting you to explore that day while you play with colors and shapes and watch what happens over time.

It’s amazing what a little consistent creative time can do.

Your Divine Self and the Summer Solstice Glow

I like to align the inner work I do with the seasons and with the moon. I suspect this happens naturally even when I’m not consciously choosing to do it but there is something deep and meaningful to me when I make the effort to tune into nature and the cosmos and move with the energy that is already there – like riding a wave that is already flowing and moving in a certain direction versus producing the energy on my own.

This week, in the northern hemisphere, we find ourselves at the peak of the year, celebrating the summer solstice. The season of summer is a great time to do inner work that helps you tap into your creative potential, find your voice and share your unique gifts with the world – or in other words, shine your light.

At the summer solstice, the sun shines brightest, symbolizing vitality, passion, and creativity. Astrologically, the sun represents our core essence and individuality. By connecting with the energy of the sun this week, we can ignite our creative fire and embrace our true selves. This year, this is enhanced by the fact we just passed a Gemini new moon which holds a similar energy that wants to help you express your true self.

Just as the sun radiates its light, we too have an inner light waiting to be expressed but if you’re a highly sensitive late bloomer like me, expressing your light or allowing your soul to shine in this world hasn’t been easy. You’ve probably had to deal with your fair share of overwhelm, self-sabotaging behaviors, chronic stress or anxiety, a loud and mean inner critic, self-doubt that stops you from moving forward, a trauma response that dysregulates you and a body that is easily depleted and doesn’t seem to ever have the energy that other people do.

The moon knows a thing or two about energy. It builds up and builds up until it reaches its peak, then gracefully fades away. It’s like the natural rhythm of life, where things grow, peak, and then slowly start all over again. And guess what? The Summer Solstice is the perfect time to celebrate reaching that peak – even if it feels like in your life right now you’re closer to a dark valley than you are to any kind of peak!

In the Wheel of the Year, this is the moment to focus on your version of success. When your idea of success aligns with who you truly are and your deepest potential, you’re tapping into the fire of your soul. That’s where your authentic light shines bright.

But to walk towards that personal success and let your light shine, you have to believe that you’re a shining sun yourself or at least try to. Picture it—your inner sun radiating just like the sun that lights up the world and feeds the moon with its glow.

Yeah, I know, sometimes it’s hard to believe in your light when you feel small or like a failure or like life is passing you by. Maybe you feel like you’re a lazy potato sitting on the couch and you think you should be different or that life is too much and you want to run away from how you feel. Or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and unclear or you think you should be further ahead then you actually are.  Maybe you hate where you are in your life right now.

But here’s the deal: what if you’re a spiritual Queen or a King? What if deep down, you’re filled with mind-blowing splendor? What if you’re bursting with magical potential? And what if, my friend, at your core, you’re already overwhelmingly brilliant without having to do or achieve anything more?

The truth is you have the power to set your soul free to shine in this world. And sometimes it does all come down to a choice – choose to let your mind run amok telling you one limiting story after another as your shine dims more and more or notice what’s happening, be with your feelings and lovingly tend to any inner parts that are cyring out to be seen or heard then call yourself back to yourself. Connect with your true essence. What stories does your true essence tell you about who you are and what’s possible for you? Choose to believe those stories instead.

Sometimes I need to ask myself who do I want to captain this ship that is my life? Do I want my insecure parts to decide my fate? Do I want my traumatized parts to choose the direction I travel in my life? Do I want my protective inner critic to decide what I’m capable of?

No. I don’t.

I want my true essence to make these kinds of decisions. I want my soul to lead me because she sees who I really am. She knows the truth about me. So, in every moment, I better be clear who is in the captain seat of my life. Is it my true self or is it a part of me that needs to be lovingly cared for until she is ready to step aside and allow my true self to lead the way?

The work of shining your light in the world is really just the work of helping your inner parts step aside so your soul can lead the way.

Let the energy of this week fuel your creative fire, warm your spirit, and inspire you. Own your role as the ruler of your destiny because it’s okay to shine. Trust me. You deserve it. You’ve been through a lot and you continue to have to go through a lot. Making more room in your life for your spirit to shine is allowed.

It’s time to unleash your inner artist and let your soul’s creative radiance light up the world in the most mind-blowing way possible. Get ready to shine, my friend, because you’re about to take the world by storm!

The Moon This Week According to Your Rising Sign

The Astrological Houses and The Areas of Your Life They Represent


The moon is in the water sign of Cancer today. Cancer is ruled by the moon so the moon is in a sign it feels most at home in.

Cancer energy is nocturnal in nature. It is sensitive, sentimental and carries the wisdom of cycles. It is connected to your ancestors, your roots and your feelings of home. It walks alongside your subconscious realm.  It is the wise and whole mother within who knows how to wrap and protect and care for all your inner parts.  It is calm, compassionate and nurturing but it is also emotions that move up and down and all around. It wants to help you meet your emotional needs and teach you have to feel emotionally safe. It can help you change and transform your inner landscape but it can also amplify your defensiveness or resistance.

Think about where in your life you could use some nurturing and tender loving care.

How can you take care of your body today?

How can you take care of your emotional self today?

How can you take care of your spirit today?

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents what taking care of your spiritual self means to you.


The moon is in the fixed fire sign of Leo today. Leo is ruled by the sun so the moon is carrying a little of that energy as well today.

Leo energy wants to bring loyalty, dependability, power, radiance, generosity, warmth, optimism and solidity. It wants to help you shine your light in the world, believe in your worth and boost your confidence. It is warm and expressive but sometimes can bring energy that influences you to be abrupt or impulsive.

Imagine your inner light or your Divine Self – the part of you that shines bright no matter what has happened to you or how you are feeling – the part of you that is forever radiant and worthy of goodness. Your Divine Self embodies authenticity, wisdom, and compassion. Connecting with the Divine Self is a transformative journey that allows you to navigate life with clarity, purpose, and harmony. Your Divine Self holds a deep understanding of your true nature and serves as an internal guide, leading you towards self-acceptance, healing, and growth.

Today is a great day to deepen your understanding of your core essence or your Divine Self. What are the qualities and characteristics of your true self? How do you recognize when you are connected to your Divine Self? What are the signs or sensations you experience?

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents your Divine Self.


Today the moon is in the waxing crescent phase and it is the Summer Solstice which is also when the sun moves into the sign of Cancer.

This moon phase is when a silver sliver of the moon begins to appear in the night sky. The moon is moving from being dark, still and invisible to growing and coming into full power.

I like to think of this phase as the time when the dream seeds I planted during the New Moon are just starting to form shoots or tiny roots. I might not be able to see my prayers being answered or my dreams manifesting but I can have faith that despite the limited capabilities of what my physical senses can pick up, Spirit is conspiring in my favor and there are invisible forces at work in my life helping me to grow, heal, evolve and create.

In my art rituals, this is the time when I’m meditating on the intentions I set during the New Moon. I’m revisiting my intentions and trying to call them up in my imagination again and trying to tap into the emotions those intentions evoke within me. I’m feeding my dreams with the power of my imagination and my emotions.

Let’s imagine your relationship with your Divine Self is growing as well. 

Your Divine Self is naturally curious, calm, kind and compassionate. It knows how to treat all your other inner parts – like your younger, scared parts or your traumatized parts or the parts within you that act in ways that work against your goals – with kindness and patience. Your Divine Self is a compassionate leader that allows every part of you to feel understood and accepted. curiosity, compassion, calmness, and clarity. By cultivating a strong connection with your Divine Self, you become calmer, clearer and more able to live in a way that is true to who you really are.

Reflect on how developing a stronger connection with your Divine Self will support your new moon intentions to grow.

In your art journal, create an image that represents your Divine Self treating your inner parts with compassion and love.


The moon is in an intense relationship with Mars today.

I call it intense because, astrologically speaking, the moon finds itself close to Mars and this causes them to combine their energies.

Mars is associated with the element of fire and it is a planet of courage and action. It wants to help you be bold and decisive. It can bring energies of violence, conflict, aggression and destruction but it can also support you in being daring, confident, determined and steady.

The moon and Mars are blending their energies today and depending on what area of your life that energy is affecting you personally, you might find yourself feeling ready to take action and move forward.

The moon and Mars can also support you in strengthening your connection to your Divine Self. 

Let’s use this bold, confident energy to create an altar to your Divine Self.

An altar can be a physical representation of your inner spiritual world. It’s a space where you can commune with the divine, connect with elemental energies, and manifest your intentions. It serves as a sacred anchor, a place to honor and engage with the unseen forces that weave through your life and in this case, a place where you can commune and worship your Divine Self.

There are no rules about how to create your altar in your art journal – just suggestions. 

You might want to start by adding representations of the elements and the directions on the page; fire, water, air, earth and spirit. 

Use colors that represent your Divine Self

Use symbols or images hold the same energy as you imagine your Divine Self does.

Incorporate sacred objects that represent who you really are. If you’re working with mixed media and collage, just add these sacred objects or a photo that represents them to the page. Alternatively, you can draw or paint a representation of them onto your altar on the page.

You may also want to add elements in nature that represent qualities you imagine your Divine Self to have. For example, add plants, animals, trees etc. whose magical properties match the qualities or characteristics you see your Divine Self carries as well.

Finally, add affirmations or “I am” statements that represent your Divine Self or the truth of who you really are. 

Set your art journal out when you meditate or return to the altar to your Divine Self  in your art journal whenever you feel lost or unclear and need the wise, compassionate guidance of your Divine Self.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an altar to your Divine Self.


The moon is in a relationship with Saturn where its like they’re coming from opposite sides which can feel polarizing. It brings energy that is confrontational and intense which produces discomfort and sometimes even blocks and barriers.

The moon wants to illuminate the darkness, bring about change, be a mirror to reflect us back to ourselves and awaken our receptive and intuitive powers. She represents your body and emotions and reminds you that life is an ever-changing cycle of birth, death, decay and rebirth. She wants to bring kindness, nurturing, novelty and adaptability.

Saturn is associated with the earth element and it wants to bring responsibility, seriousness, deep thought, reflection, wisdom, strategy, maturity, structure, sensibility, frugality, discipline, routine and actions that inspire order in your life.

When they are in opposition like they are today Saturn brings a heaviness to your emotional realm. It can leave you feeling isolated or lonely. You might have a more pessimistic attitude but you’re thinking might also be more grounded in reality which can be helpful when planning what actions need to be taken to support your new moon intentions in become a reality in your life. If you struggle with setting healthy boundaries in your life, you might notice something around this issue arising.

What actions can you plan for the next two weeks to support your new moon in Gemini intentions becoming a reality?

In your art journal, visually represent an action you commit to take in the next two weeks to support your new moon intentions becoming a reality.

Have fun with your art journal and the moon this week.

with love,

Dana da Ponte



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