Art Journal with the Moon for May 13-19, 2024

In this post, I share what the sun and moon teach you about shining your light and following your creative dreams. Scroll down further and you will also see a summary of the moon’s energy from Monday – Sunday with daily prompts you can explore in your art journal so your deep inner work and magic is in alignment with the moon.

What the Sun and Moon Teach You About Shining Your Light and Following Your Creative Dreams

This week the moon is growing in energy and power as we move towards the full moon in Sagittarius.

We’re also at the time of year where the sun’s power and light are growing as well – in the northern hemisphere at least.

In this blog post, I share what these powerful luminaries can teach you about having the courage and conviction to take action on your creative dreams and shine your light in this world. Because you, my dear, are a bright, radiant light who is not meant to feel small and unimportant. Finally, as always, when you scroll past all that goodness, you’ll see I describe the comings and goings of the moon this week as well as the daily prompts you can use to art journal with the moon and align your emotional healing with lunar magic.

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Clearing the Heaviness so You Can Follow Your Creative Dreams

I turn 50 years old next week, on the 22nd. It’s a big number that brings with it a lot of contemplation and review.

My thirties were about old foundations crumbling down. My forties were all about healing, emotionally and physically. Now, I can tell my fifties are going to be about shining my light. I’m excited about that but there’s also grief there. Why did it take so long for me to clear away the past? Why did I carry so much heaviness for so long?

There’s an element to the healing journey that is not in our control. Have you ever noticed that? It takes as long as it takes and yet, there is also the truth that everything I do to support the process speeds things up and helps me peel back another layer which helps me reveal my true self.

It’s true I wish it wouldn’t have taken me as long as it has to finally do what I’ve always wanted to do but it’s also true that I’m so proud and happy of the fact I continue to do the inner work. I show up for myself and my dreams and I know you do too. You wouldn’t be reading this if that wasn’t the case.

I’m taking some BIG steps towards my dreams and in a week or so I’m going to invite you to do the same. I’ve made some important decisions and I can tell the trajectory of my life is veering off in a new direction – a direction that is more aligned with the creative dreams that are most sacred to me. I’m taking action because action is what will lead me to where I want to be.

And, like the sun and the moon when it is big and bright, where I want to be is shining my light in this world.

To me, this means pursuing what truly lights me up. It means following my joy. It’s the internal ‘light’ that brightens when I’m living a life that resonates deeply with my soul.

It also means shining light on my past traumas or challenges and working through them.

This healing process makes me feel lighter and enables me to face life with greater resilience and hope – and we all need more resilience and hope, don’t we?

It’s Okay To Shine

Shining my light in this world also means wherever and whenever I can, serving as a source of inspiration. Pursuing my passions and dreams to motivate others to reflect on their own paths and potential, encouraging them to make changes or take risks they might not have considered before.

It also means sharing my knowledge, experiences, and wisdom so that when it resonates with someone else, I can light a path for others to follow. I want my creations to act like a torch passed on, enlightening the journey for someone else just as others have enlightened the journey for me. Thank goddess we all have each other to rely on! We need community now more than ever.

It also quite simply means taking action on my creative dreams!!!

What does shining your light mean to you?

In the wisdom of ancient astrology, the Sun, the Summer Solstice, and the Full Moon each hold deep symbolic meanings related to shining your light in this world.

The Sun and The Moon

The Sun is the ultimate symbol of vitality and illumination. It represents your core identity, your essence, and your conscious self—the part of you that you express outwardly. Every day, the Sun rises, bringing light and warmth, reminding you of the potential each new day holds to pursue your passions and dreams.

The Summer Solstice, which marks the longest day of the year, is a time when the Sun’s power is at its peak. This moment symbolizes fullness, abundance, and the culmination of energy. It’s a potent time for clarity and visibility, where the long hours of daylight represent the fullest expression of who you really are.

It encourages you to shine brightly, to live fully, and to embody the light that you are at your core.

The Full Moon symbolizes fulfillment, completion, and the manifestation of intentions. It’s a time when things come to light—often quite literally. Emotions, insights, and results of what you’ve been working towards can become clearer under the full moon. Like a spotlight, it illuminates the darkness, revealing what is typically hidden and enhancing your emotional and intuitive powers.

Together, these luminaries teach us about the power of visibility, expression, and realization. They encourage you to shine your light by being true to yourself, by reaching for your highest potential, and by reflecting on and celebrating the fullness of your life. Each, in its own way, serves as a reminder of the impact your light can have on the world when you choose to let it shine fully and brightly.

If you’re like me, someone with a history of trauma and difficult childhood experiences who has a lot of emotional and energetic heaviness to wade through as you move towards your creative dreams, then stay tuned my friends. I think you are going to LOVE what I’m working on.

I’m creating it as much for ME as I am for YOU!

Something Exciting is Coming

Together, we’re going to break through the barriers that hold back our creative and spiritual potential. We’re going to clear subconscious blocks, rewire our brains for success, and take real, tangible steps toward our creative goals. We’re going to support each other, gain momentum, and transform our dreams into reality.

Because we deserve it!

Every step you take towards realizing your creative dreams is a step towards living a life that is authentically yours. Your creativity is not just a hobby or a pastime—it’s a vital part of who you are.

When you create, you connect with a deep, joyful part of yourself.

You deserve to explore and express your creativity because your voice and vision are inherently valuable. Just as a garden is more beautiful with a variety of flowers, the world will be enriched by your creative dreams. Don’t let self-doubt or past setbacks keep you from the life you are meant to live. You have within you all the light and power you need to manifest your dreams. By stepping into your creative power, you not only enhance your own life but also light the way for others, proving that it’s possible to overcome obstacles and live a life filled with passion and purpose.

So embrace your creative dreams with open arms. Give yourself permission to pursue your dreams with the same love and energy you give to others. You are worth the time, the effort, and the journey.

And when it’s time to reveal what I am working on for us and if you resonate with it, jump in with both feet and your whole self! Let’s have the audacity to go after what we truly want and realize the creative dreams we carry in our precious hearts.

with gratitude,

Dana da Ponte


The Moon This Week

If you want to work with the moon to manifest, do your emotional work or deepen your creativity, here’s a summary of the moon’s energy from Monday – Sunday with daily prompts you can explore in your art journal.


Today the waxing crescent moon moves into the sign of Leo. It is also having a happy relationship with Neptune and Mars and an opposing relationship with Pluto.

When the moon opposes Pluto, it brings deep, transformational energy that can stir up powerful emotions which helps you confront deeper, psychological issues or hidden aspects of your subconscious. For highly sensitive creatives, this can be a profound time of emotional discovery and artistic depth.

Pluto’s influence tends to reveal what is hidden and bring to light what has been suppressed or ignored. When the moon, which governs our emotions, intuitions, and inner truths, opposes Pluto, it often highlights the need for change and transformation at a very personal level. This can involve confronting fears, revisiting past trauma, or dealing with relationship dynamics that have been affecting your emotional well-being.

The relationship the moon is having with Pluto today can inspire a deep dive into more meaningful, transformative creative work. It’s an excellent time to express your intense emotions through art, which can be incredibly cathartic and empowering. This process not only helps in processing your emotions but also in embedding genuine, profound expressions in your creations.

Ensure you have a supportive, safe space to explore your deep feelings. Set aside dedicated time today to dive deep into your emotions, allowing the transformative energy of Pluto to flow through your art or writing.

You might want to get started with a body map. Draw an outline of a body and within it, color, paint or doodle areas where you feel sensations or emotional or physical pain. Then imagine each physical sensation you captured on the page has a memory or an emotional or subconscious root to it. Clear your mind, be curious and ask your subconscious mind to show you what the root cause of the sensation is. Don’t judge, edit or dismiss what arises. Act as if it is true and use the memory or emotional root of the physical sensation to get to know your subconscious mind better. What do you see? What did you learn about your deeper hidden inner world?

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage a body map that explores the physical sensations in your body and the emotional and subconscious roots connected to them.


Today the waxing crescent moon is in the sign of Leo. It is also having a tense relationship with Venus.

Leo, a fixed fire sign, is ruled by the sun. When the moon enters Leo, it highlights a bit more of the sun’s radiant energy. Imagine the moon, who represents emotions, soaking in the sun’s light and reflecting back to us feelings of loyalty, warmth, optimism, playfulness and power. This is the core of Leo energy. It invites you to shine your light unapologetically, to soak in the warmth of your inner worth, and to happily and confidently project your unique essence into the world.

Let’s channel this Leo moon energy into your art journal. Begin by thinking of your inner light – that undying spark within you that remains radiant regardless of life’s ups and downs. This is your core, forever glowing, forever worthy of love, respect, and all things good.

Start by drawing or painting a representation of this light. It could be a simple flame, a radiant sun, a luminous gem, or anything that symbolizes your inner brilliance. As you create this representation, visualize your light growing brighter and more powerful, pulling in positivity, opportunities, and goodness.

As Leo’s energy encourages expressiveness and childlike playfulness, let your journaling be fun and judgment free. Use bold colors and vivid imagery. You might even want to incorporate glitter or gold foil to represent the shimmering confidence of Leo. Or maybe include affirmations that resonate with Leo’s warmth and power, such as:

“I am radiant and worthy.”

“My light attracts goodness.”

“I shine brightly, unapologetically.”

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents your inner light.


Today the first quarter moon moves into the sign of Virgo. The moon is also having a happy relationship with Mercury and a tense relationship with Jupiter and Uranus.

When the Moon and Mercury are in a happy relationship, your heart and mind are able to find harmony. This invites better communication, allowing you to articulate your feelings and thoughts with clarity and grace. It’s a good time to ask yourself how your words can mirror your truest feelings and how you can speak your truth with love and clarity.

We’re also more likely to feel empathy and compassion and treating yourself with a little more compassion is always a good thing.

Because the moon also represents our intuition and Mercury is the messenger that can go between our world and the world of spirit, it’s also a great day to connect with your spirit allies or ancestors. How might your intuitive insights help you navigate the problems you face today? What spiritual knowledge would help you today?

Mercury wants to bring information from unseen realms to you and this can also mean helping you see and communicate what is in your hidden realms of your subconscious including the memories you’ve buried, exiled or forgotten that are causing you to feel stuck or blocked today.

What do you need to see?

How can you invite inner parts that live within you to communicate their beliefs, fears, memories or needs with you today?

Inviting your past to speak to you brings wisdom and insight into your actions and choices now.

In your art journal, draw, paint or create a collage of images that represents a message you received today from your spirit allies or from one of your inner parts.


The first quarter moon is in the sign of Virgo today.

The first quarter moon phase represents a critical point of action and decision-making in the lunar cycle. It symbolizes the time when challenges might arise, testing the intentions you set during the new moon. When the first quarter moon is in Virgo, a sign known for its meticulousness, practicality, and attention to detail, this phase becomes especially potent for refining and implementing.

Virgo’s influence during the first quarter moon encourages a focus on organization and efficiency. It’s an excellent time to take stock and examine what’s working and what needs improvement. Virgo’s analytical nature can help you identify practical steps you need to take to advance your creative goals. This might involve organizing your workspace, planning your project timelines more efficiently, or refining the details.

Additionally, Virgo’s connection to service and craftsmanship means this moon phase is ideal for honing your skills. It’s a time to practice and to focus on mastery and technique in your creative work. Virgo reminds you that you can make significant progress when you apply yourself with discipline and precision.

On a moon day like today, you might want to clear out any mental or physical clutter that hampers your creative flow. It’s a good time to adopt new habits that support your creative well-being, such as regular practices to clear your mind or setting up routines that foster a more disciplined approach to your art. You deserve to take yourself seriously.

To work with the moon today effectively for manifesting your creative dreams, consider what you need to accomplish before the full moon. Write down actionable steps and employ Virgo’s critical eye to weed out any unrealistic goals or unnecessary tasks. This is a time to ground your dreams in reality and to prepare diligently for the work it will take to make your creative dreams come true. This way, you’ll make sure that each action you take is purposeful and aligned with the creative life you want to live.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage a page that represents what you want to accomplish before the next full moon.


The first quarter moon is in the sign of Virgo. It is also having happy relationship with Venus, Jupiter and Uranus and an opposing relationship with Saturn.

When the moon is in a happy relationship with the planet Venus, a world of creative possibilities opens up. This lunar energy showers your art with love, beauty, and a touch of serendipity. It’s like a gentle, encouraging nudge from the universe, whispering in your ear that now is the perfect time to dive deep into your creativity.

It’s a divine invitation to express yourself, to bring forth what lies within and share it in its most beautiful form.

Every brush stroke you lay down in your art journal, every color you choose, and every line you draw is an affirmation of your unique perspective.

Imagine the energy the moon is drawing down from Venus is a golden opportunity to attract everything you need to bring your visions to life. The supportive energy of Venus provides a magnet for resources, be it material, emotional, or spiritual. Open your heart to receive, and you might find that help comes from the most unexpected places.

Take this time to beautify your studio or your space, making it a true reflection of your inner world so that it inspires and invigorates you every day. Believe in your art, trust in your abilities, and never hesitate to put your soul into everything you create. The universe is aligned in your favor, urging you not to give up but to keep pushing forward with grace and passion. Your creative dreams are not just fantasies; they are the seeds of your future reality.

In your art journal, draw, collage or paint an image that represents putting your soul in the things you create.


The waxing crescent moon moves into the sign of Libra. It is also having a happy relationship with Pluto and an opposing relationship with Neptune.

When the moon is in Libra, it brings an energy that enhances our appreciation for beauty and harmony, making it a perfect time to focus on beautifying your art. If you struggle to see the beauty in your creations or doubt your abilities, this is a wonderful opportunity to shift your perspective and embrace the unique aesthetic you bring to the world.

Libra’s influence encourages you to find balance and symmetry in your work, which are key elements of visual appeal. Start by reviewing your past projects with a fresh eye. What do you like about what you created in the past? Where do you see harmony in color, form, and composition?

Consider also the emotional balance in your artwork. Libra, being an air sign, supports intellectual engagement with your art. Reflect on the emotions you want to convey and ensure that your art communicates your feelings in a way that honors your precious heart. This doesn’t mean making everything perfect, but rather celebrating what feels right and expresses a sense of who you really are.

It’s a good moon day to experiment with new techniques or mediums that can bring a fresh beauty to your work. Perhaps try watercolors for their soft gradients or collage to add texture and depth. The key is to allow yourself to play and explore without harsh judgment—every piece you create is a step forward in your artistic journey.

Remember, the beauty of your art isn’t just about the final piece but also about the process and the personal growth you experience through creating. Every stroke and color choice is a testament to your journey and commitment to your creative dreams. Let the Libra moon be a gentle reminder that every artist has doubts, but the courage to continue and the effort to bring beauty into the world is a true measure of your brave, artistic spirit.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that celebrates the art you create that you find beautiful.


The gibbous moon is in the sign of Libra. It is also having an opposing relationship with Venus.

The gibbous moon is that moment just before your project is completed. You’ve laid down the foundation, worked through the initial drafts or sketches, and now you’re refining and perfecting. It’s the editing phase for a writer, where the story is clear, but you’re adjusting language, deepening characters, and ensuring the flow is just right. For an artist, it’s the moment when the overall image is clear, but you’re adding details, adjusting colors, and ensuring the composition is balanced.

Emotionally, it’s a time of anticipation. You can see the end is near; it’s almost tangible. There might be moments of doubt, wondering if you’ve made the right choices or if it will be received well. But it’s also a time of trust in your own abilities and vision.

Spiritually, it’s about introspection, diving deep into your work, and ensuring it aligns with your inner truth. You’re connecting with the deeper layers of your creation, making sure it’s a genuine reflection of your intent because soon it will be time to share it with the rest of the world.

In essence, the gibbous moon is that profound and intense stage where you’re so close to presenting your work to the world but before you do it’s time to polish, refine, and ensure every detail speaks to your vision before unveiling your creation in its full glory.

This phase encourages introspection, asking yourself if there’s anything you need to adjust or perfect in your life. It’s a time to be honest with yourself about where you’re at, what you’re feeling, and what final touches might help you truly shine when the full moon arrives.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents supporting, encouraging and reassuring yourself when you doubt yourself or feel insecure about what you are creating.

Have fun with your art journal and the moon this week.

with love,

Dana da Ponte



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