Art Journal with the Moon November 27-December 3 2023

Art Journal with the Moon for November 27-December 3, 2023


This is a summary of the moon’s energy for the upcoming week and the inner work and magic you can do in your art journal to make the most of the opportunities the cosmos is gifting us with.

Every week the emotional and magical opportunities the moon is sending you are different because the energy she is drawing down from the planets and stars changes moment to moment. Planets and stars and moon phases and moon signs each carry their own unique energy. This is my weekly update of the moon’s comings and goings to support you in aligning with her energy.

Get your art journal or a scrap of paper you see lying around, your art supplies or those pencil crayons you have hidden away somewhere and have fun. Spend 10 – 20 minutes focusing on the themes the moon is supporting you to explore that day while you play with colors and shapes and watch what happens over time.

It’s amazing what a little consistent creative time can do.

A Moon of Choices

Happy full moon in Gemini.

Based on the energy the moon is reflecting from all the other planets connected to it today, this is an intense full moon. It is here to illuminate some things for us and in true Gemini form, there is a lot going on. I’m not going to focus on all of it because the common thread that seems to be running through it all is the fact that Gemini is a sign of choices.

The moon is opposite the sun who is now in the sign of Sagittarius. Gemini being the sign of choices and Sagittarius is the sign of expansion. The tension between the two invites you to explore the choices you make in your life –

Which choices make you feel open and expanded?

Which choices make you feel tight or constricted?

This is highlighted by the fact the full moon is in a tense relationship with the planet Saturn. Saturn is a planet that helps us mature but it also brings constrictions, rules, limitations and boundaries. It’s the wise old Crone in the night sky reminding you that you have limited time on this earth. Your life will come to an end at some point. Everything comes to an end at some point and you are no exception so what do you want to do with your precious time?

It’s time to focus on what’s really important.

It’s time to make decisions, clear away what doesn’t align with your highest priorities and focus on what’s most important to you.

And what a perfect time to get clear on what’s most important to you…as you’re planning and visioning the year ahead.

In astrology, the myth of Castor and Pollux is associated with the sign of Gemini. These twins represent duality. They embody the concept of two different yet connected entities – the mortal and the immortal, the earthly and the divine, the important and the frivolous. This duality is at the heart of Gemini’s symbolism, reflecting the sign’s association with versatility, adaptability, and the ability to see and understand multiple perspectives. Gemini’s energy is about bridging gaps, connecting people and ideas, and navigating the complex interplay of different realms of existence.

A full moon is a time of revelation, bringing to light things that are hidden or kept secret. The Gemini full moon is a powerful time to shed light on, clarify and reflect on your true priorities, especially as you plan your goals and dreams for the year ahead. Gemini’s energy, symbolized by the twins, is all about duality and understanding opposites. This makes the Gemini full moon an ideal time to discern between what is truly important in your life and what might be frivolous or less critical.

To prioritize your time and energy effectively, it’s essential first to identify what matters most to you. The polarity highlighted by the Gemini full moon helps in this process. It encourages you to examine the various aspects of your life and goals and distinguish between what is essential and what can be set aside or given less attention. This clarity is crucial for focusing your efforts where they will be most impactful and fulfilling.

Let’s use the myth associated with Gemini to help illuminate what is most important to you.

As I stated, the sign of Gemini is symbolized by the twins, Castor and Pollux. According to myth, these twins had the same mother, Leda, but different fathers. Castor was the mortal son of the king of Sparta, while Pollux was the divine son of Zeus, who had seduced Leda in the guise of a swan. This, of course, made Castor mortal while Pollux enjoyed immortality.

A pivotal point in their story is when Castor, the mortal twin, was killed. Pollux, being immortal, was devastated by the loss of his brother. In his grief, he begged Zeus to let him share his immortality with Castor. Moved by Pollux’s love for his brother, Zeus allowed them to split their time between the underworld (Hades) and Olympus, thereby keeping them together in both life and death.

Reflecting on the polarity of your mortality and your immortality, much like the myth of Castor and Pollux, can be a profoundly enlightening exercise to clarify what truly matters to you.

Imagine you are at the end of your journey, looking back on the life you’ve lived. Which experiences, achievements, and moments will you cherish most in those final reflections?

Ask yourself:

What would I want to see around me?

Maybe it’s the faces of loved ones, a book you wrote, or art you created. Think about the places you wish to visit, the sights you hope to see, and the memories you want to create.

What are the things you would regret not doing?

It could be not telling someone how much they mean to you, not pursuing a passion, or not making amends.

Consider what you would want to say. Are there words of love, forgiveness, or wisdom you want to share with others? Are there truths you wish to express or gratitude you want to convey? These are the messages that echo your true values and priorities.

Also, ponder on what you want to do before you pass into the next realm. This could be as simple as watching a sunset from your favorite spot, holding a grandchild, finishing a personal project, or as grand as making a significant contribution to a cause close to your heart.

This exercise isn’t meant to be morbid – although there’s nothing wrong with being a little morbid every now and again – but rather a way to gain perspective on what is genuinely important to YOU. By visualizing the end, you strip away the trivial, bringing into focus the goals, relationships, and experiences that are most meaningful to you. It’s a powerful way to align your present actions with your deepest values, ensuring that you live a life filled with purpose and fulfillment, true to the legacy you wish to leave behind.

Once you’ve explored these ideas in the light of the Gemini full moon, create a list of your goals and aspirations for 2024.

To begin, set aside some quiet time to think deeply about what you want to achieve in the coming year. Consider all areas of your life, including your career, personal growth, family life, relationships, health, hobbies, and any other aspects that are important to you.

Once you have a comprehensive list, the next step is to rank these goals in order of importance. This means deciding which goals are the most crucial for you to achieve and which can take a secondary position. To do this, ask yourself questions like: Which of these goals will have the most significant impact on my life? Which goals align most closely with my core values? What do I want to prioritize for my personal and professional growth?

By ranking your goals, you create a clear picture of where to focus your energy and efforts in the coming year. This list helps you understand the steps you need to take and prevents you from feeling overwhelmed by too many objectives. It also ensures that you’re working towards the goals that truly matter to you, rather than spreading yourself too thin across too many areas.

Remember, it’s perfectly okay if your priorities shift over time. Life is dynamic, and your goals may evolve as the year progresses. The important thing is to have a clear starting point that guides your heart and your actions and decisions towards a fulfilling year.

It’s a season of giving so I created a checklist to help you thoroughly evaluate your goals, especially in the context of planning and achieving them in the upcoming year. By writing your goal at the top of the checklist and then systematically going through each item, you can assess various aspects of your goal to ensure it’s clear, achievable, and aligns with your priorities and values. This process helps in filtering out less significant goals and focusing your energy and efforts on what truly matters.

Download the Gemini Moon Checklist Here


To personalize this full moon, let’s get specific and see the area of YOUR life this full moon energy is focused on. Once you know the area of life the Gemini full moon is illuminating, you can consider what you want to amplify or explore from those areas of your life.

If you don’t know your rising sign (it’s different than your sun or moon sign), then you can read more about it here and you can calculate what it is here. I also show you how to calculate your birth chart using the whole sign house system here. When you create your birth chart in this way, you will see your rising sign is the zodiac sign that occupies the first house in your birth chart.

If your rising sign is Aries, the full moon is in your third astrological house which is inviting you to explore your goals and dreams for 2024 when it comes to what you want to learn or teach, your relationship with your peers or siblings, the way you express and communicate or your spirituality in terms of the Goddess, the moon or earth-based rituals.  Consider setting goals around improving how you express yourself. This could mean honing your writing skills, becoming more articulate in your speech, or learning to communicate more effectively in your personal or professional relationships. For you, the Gemini Full Moon is also a great time to plan for any educational goals you might have for 2024. Whether it’s enrolling in a course, starting a new study program, or learning a new skill or hobby, focus on expanding your knowledge and intellect. Since the third house also governs siblings, neighbors, and close community, you might set intentions to strengthen these relationships. Plan to spend more quality time with your siblings or get involved in community events. The third house is also about networking and forming connections. Set goals to expand your social circle or professional network.

If your rising sign is Taurus, the full moon is in your second astrological house which is inviting you to explore your goals and dreams for 2024 when it comes to with your money, income or livelihood or your self-worth. This is a great time to focus on your financial health. Consider setting specific financial objectives like saving a certain amount of money, investing wisely, or reducing debt. It’s also an ideal period to review and possibly adjust your budget to better align with your financial aspirations for 2024. Think about ways to increase your income. The second house also relates to self-worth. Reflect on how you value yourself and your work. Are you asking for what you’re worth in your professional life? Are there ways you can improve your self-esteem? This could also be a period to reassess your material possessions. What do you really need? What brings you joy and what can you let go of?

For Gemini people, the full moon is in your astrological first house which is inviting you to explore your goals and dreams for 2024 when it comes to your identity, body, appearance or your spirit. The first house represents who you are at your core. During this full moon, consider goals related to self-improvement or personal development. This could involve learning new skills, embracing a new hobby that reflects your interests, or engaging in activities that promote self-awareness and personal growth. This is the time to plan for transformations that make you feel confident and vibrant. The first house is also about new beginnings. The Gemini Full Moon’s energy can be harnessed to brainstorm and initiate new projects or ventures that excite you. Think about starting a business, launching a personal project, or taking the first steps towards a long-held dream. The first house is also deeply tied to your self-esteem. Set intentions around boosting your confidence and embracing your unique qualities. Consider how you can step out of your comfort zone in 2024 to assert yourself more boldly in various areas of your life.

If your rising sign is in the sign of Cancer, the full moon is in your twelfth house which is inviting you to explore your goals and dreams for 2024 when it comes to your subconscious mind or deep inner shadow work. In ancient or Hellenistic astrology, the twelfth house is associated with the subconscious mind, hidden fears, secrets, and things that are not visible or recognized on the surface. It’s also linked to spiritual and psychic experiences, as well as areas where we might self-sabotage or where we need to let go. Consider setting intentions around healing from past traumas or addressing deep-seated emotional issues. This is also a powerful time for setting goals related to your spiritual journey. The twelfth house can also represent self-undoing and unconscious habits that hold you back. Reflect on any negative patterns or behaviors that you’d like to release and set intentions to overcome them in the coming year.

For Leo people, the full moon is in your eleventh house which is inviting you to explore your goals and dreams for 2024 when it comes to your friendships, community and your hopes and wishes. Set goals related to deepening existing relationships or making new friends who share your values and interests. If you have aspirations to make a positive impact on others, this is the time to explore how you might achieve this in 2024. Whether it’s through activism, volunteer work, your professional goals or starting a community project, think about how you can contribute to the greater good. Reflect on your biggest hopes and dreams for the future. The eleventh house is also about the hopes you have for the future which means this full moon is a powerful time to clarify these aspirations and to start taking steps towards making them a reality.

For Virgo people, the full moon is in your tenth house which is inviting you to explore your goals and dreams for 2024 when it comes to your career, reputation or ideas of success. Consider setting intentions around advancing in your current career or moving towards a career that feels more aligned with your true calling. Think about the steps you need to take to reach the next level in your professional life. The tenth house also deals with how you’re perceived by the public and your community. Reflect on how you want to be seen and recognized in your professional field or by society in general. Use this time to plot out the long-term trajectory of your career. Where do you see yourself in five or ten years, and what steps can you start taking in 2024 to get there? Finally, given Gemini’s connection with communication, consider how you can use your networking skills to advance your career. Think about building relationships with mentors, colleagues, or industry leaders.

If your rising sign is in the sign of Libra, the full moon is in your ninth house which is inviting you to explore your goals and dreams for 2024 when it comes to your faith, spiritual practices, publishing, long-distance travel or future success. In other words, the ninth house represents your quest for deeper understanding and your desire to expand your horizons. If you’re considering furthering your education, whether through formal studies or self-taught courses, this is an excellent time to vision that happening in 2024. If you’ve been dreaming of a trip to a distant land, use this full moon to explore what that would look like in 2024. Reflect on your spiritual beliefs and practices and what you want to grow or change in that area of your life in 2024. If you have aspirations to publish a book, start a blog, or engage in any form of broadcasting, the ninth house energy supports these endeavors. It’s about sharing your knowledge and perspective with a broader audience. This house also touches upon seeking or providing mentorship and guidance. Whether you’re looking for a mentor to help guide your path or you’re ready to mentor others, now is a good time to explore what steps you can take in that direction.

For Scorpio people, the full moon is in your eighth house which is inviting you to explore your goals and dreams for 2024 when it comes to your psyche or in the areas of your life of debt and taxes. In ancient astrology, the eighth house is also linked with profound change, joint finances, intimacy, and the psychological realms. Reflect on the emotional or psychological healing you want to accomplish in the coming year. This might involve therapy, counseling, or personal reflection to overcome past traumas and emerge stronger. In terms of personal relationships, consider how you can deepen the level of intimacy and trust with your partner. This could involve open communication about shared values, fears, and hopes. If you have debt, this full moon could prompt you to explore how to manage or eliminate them in 2024. Consider setting goals for savings, debt repayment, or financial counseling in the coming year.

For Sagittarius people, the full moon is inviting you to explore your goals and dreams for 2024 when it comes to your close, intimate relationships or partnerships. In ancient astrology, the seventh house is primarily associated with marriage, business partnerships, and any form of significant one-on-one relationships. If you’re looking for a romantic partner or a business collaborator in 2024, this full moon is a great time to clarify what you’re seeking in these relationships. Focus on what qualities and values are important to you in a partner. Consider how you can enhance and deepen your existing relationships, whether they are romantic, business, or close friendships. Think about setting intentions to improve communication, understanding, and mutual support. The Full Moon in Gemini, a sign known for its duality, can also highlight the balance between maintaining your independence and being in a partnership. Consider how you can achieve a healthy balance in this regard in 2024.

If your rising sign is in the sign of Capricorn, the full moon is in your sixth house which is inviting you to explore your goals and dreams for 2024 when it comes to your routines, work tasks, service to others, relationship to your pets or your wellness and those things that drain your vitality. Consider amplifying intentions during this full moon related to improving your physical health in 2024. This could involve starting a new exercise regimen, planning a healthier diet, or addressing any chronic health issues with new strategies. The sixth house also governs your day-to-day work and routines. Think about how you can make your daily life more efficient and enjoyable in 2024. The sixth house is also about service. Consider how you might give back to your community or help others. This could range from volunteer work to simply being more present and supportive in your personal relationships.

For Aquarius people, the full moon is in your fifth house which is inviting you to explore your goals and dreams for 2024 when it comes to your children, hobbies, pleasures or creativity. In ancient or Hellenistic astrology, the fifth house is known for these lively and joyful themes. This is a perfect moment to explore any creative endeavors you wish to undertake in the coming year. Whether it’s writing, painting, music, or any other form of artistic expression, think about projects that excite your imagination and make your heart sing. Imagine amplifying this area of your life with the full moon. Think about how you can express yourself more authentically in the world. This might involve exploring new styles of clothing, experimenting with different forms of self-expression, or simply being more open and honest about your feelings and desires. If you have children or work with young people, consider setting goals around your relationships with them. This could involve spending more quality time together, engaging in more activities, or finding new ways to support their growth and creativity. Reflect on what truly brings you joy and happiness. Use this full moon to amplify intentions to do more of what makes you happy and fulfilled in 2024. If you’re single, the fifth house is a great place to focus on goals related to dating. Think about putting yourself out there more in 2024 or trying new ways of meeting people.

Finally, for Pisces people, the full moon is in your fourth house which is inviting you to explore your goals and dreams for 2024 when it comes to your family, your emotional security, personal foundations, your ancestors or your home and living situation. The fourth house is also about your innermost self. Consider setting goals that nurture your emotional health. Consider goals related to making your living space more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, or functional. Think about how you can make your home more of a sanctuary. This might involve decluttering, bringing in elements of nature, or setting up spaces for relaxation and meditation. The fourth house also connects to ancestry. You might want to explore your family history, learn more about your heritage, or connect with your cultural roots in some way in 2024. Think about what makes you feel at home, both literally and metaphorically. Set goals that help you cultivate these feelings, whether it’s through community involvement, creating a more welcoming home environment, or nurturing relationships that make you feel ‘at home’.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents your full moon intentions.


The full moon moves into the sign of Cancer today. It is also having an opposing relationship with Mercury, a tense relationship with Neptune and a happy relationship with Venus.

The moon is still in the sign of Cancer today.

Like the moon, the sign of Cancer is connected to our emotions. It’s also like the thoughtful friend who always remembers your birthday and shows up with tissues and ice cream when you’re feeling down.

Emotionally, Cancer is all about family, home, and those cozy comfort zones. It’s like a warm blanket that wraps around you, offering a sense of security in an uncertain world. Cancer’s energy can also be a bit moody and prone to emotional waves but overall it’s a time to honor your feelings, even the messy ones, and to nurture your inner landscape. 

Spiritually, Cancer invites you to dive into your own psyche, to explore the depths of your emotions, and to connect with your intuition. It also encourages you to seek solace within yourself and to create a safe inner haven.

Today, in your art journal, create a visual representation of your emotional sanctuary.

This sanctuary can take any form that resonates with your soul. Imagine a place that embodies what calm and safety mean to you. It could be a lush garden with the soft rustling of leaves, a cozy room filled with your favorite books, a serene beach where the waves gently lap at the shore, or even a mystical forest with a protective light surrounding it. The key is in the details that make this space uniquely comforting to you. Visualize the colors, sounds, textures, and scents that fill this place and make it inviting.

In this space, add elements that hold personal significance. It might be a comfortable seat in a corner, a symbol of protection like a shield or a light, or items that evoke happy memories or feelings of peace. Personal touches make your sanctuary more real and emotionally resonant.

Your sanctuary should be a place of absolute security. If it helps, imagine protective barriers, like a fence around your garden or an aura of light, that keep this space safe and private. This is your haven, away from the chaos of the outside world.

When life becomes overwhelming, retreat to this sanctuary in your mind. Here, you can process your emotions freely, find a sense of calm, and gather your inner strength. It’s a place for you to heal and restore yourself without any external interference.

Your sanctuary can also be a place for seeking clarity and guidance. Ask yourself questions and listen for the answers that come from within. Often, the insights you gain here are reflective of your deepest subconscious wisdom.

Your inner emotional sanctuary is a space where you can cultivate inner peace and resilience, making the challenges of the real world more manageable. In this sanctuary, you’re not just finding an escape; you’re actively engaging in your emotional well-being and healing. In your art journal today, explore what your perfect emotional sanctuary looks like. What colors, textures, and images resonate with the idea of emotional security for you? Allow your art to be a reminder that you carry your safe haven within, no matter the storm outside.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents your inner emotional sanctuary.


The moon is still full and bright and in the sign of Cancer today. It is also having a happy relationship with Jupiter and Saturn. 

A full moon, with its brilliant and complete illumination, symbolizes a peak in energy, clarity, and realization. It’s a time when emotions can run high, and your innermost feelings and desires come to the forefront. Spiritually, the full moon represents a powerful moment for introspection and acknowledging your personal power. It’s as if the full moon’s bright light is shining directly into the depths of your soul, revealing your true essence and the inner strength you possess.

This phase of the moon invites you to stand firmly in your power. It’s about recognizing your abilities, your resilience, and the unique qualities that make you who you are. The full moon encourages you to embrace these aspects of yourself and to let them shine brightly. Just as the moon doesn’t shy away from lighting up the night sky, you too are encouraged to illuminate the world with your true spirit.

In your art journal, represent your inner strength and power. You could depict yourself standing tall and radiant, perhaps surrounded by symbols of the moon or other personal symbols of strength and resilience. Think about colors that represent power and confidence to you and incorporate them into your artwork.

Alternatively, you could focus on the idea of illumination and how you light up the world around you. This could be represented by drawing or painting a scene where you are the source of light in a dark space, symbolizing the impact of your actions, words, and presence on others.

Just like the moon, you have phases and cycle but your power is undeniable and your light is an inspiration to those around you.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents your inner light and power.


The disseminating moon is in the sign of Cancer. It is also having a happy relationship with the planet Uranus. 

The moon being in a happy relationship with Uranus can mean happy surprises, unexpected events and celebrating your uniqueness.

Uranus, often termed the ‘awakener’, seeks to jolt us from our comfort zones, urging us to see the world with fresh eyes. It thrives on unpredictability, desiring to infuse our lives with moments that propel us towards emotional and spiritual growth. Imagine this energetic force combining with the nurturing and intuitive energy of the moon. The result? Hopefully a few pleasant surprises showing up in your life, the kind that lights you up and warms your heart. Maybe it’s a chance encounter or the thrill of stumbling upon a new hobby or maybe it’s reigniting an old passion, or simply the sheer joy of unexpected good news are all potential gifts of living in flow.

It’s also a day to trust your intuition wholeheartedly. If you feel a pull towards something, an urge to take a leap, or simply a fluttering of excitement at a new possibility, follow that feeling.

The moon and Uranus not only invite change but also champion the idea of celebrating what makes you unique. Uranus reminds you of the beauty of standing out, of embracing every part of yourself that feels ‘other’ or ‘different’.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents happy surprises you’d love to see show up in your life.


The disseminating moon moves into the sign of Leo today. It is also having a happy relationship with the planets Mars and Neptune, an opposing relationship with Pluto and a tense relationship with Venus and Jupiter.

The disseminating phase is when the moon is just starting to become smaller.  It is a time to rest, relax and rejuvenate and move inward and focus on self.  This isn’t a time to start anything new. It’s a time to reflect. It’s a great time for expressing your devotion to Spirit and for presenting offerings to your Divine helpers, your ancestors or the Earth.

It’s also a great time to share the wisdom and knowledge you’ve harvested. There’s a generous or giving back quality to the waning phases of the moon. We’re taking note of the bounty we received as the moon was growing in power and feeling grateful and wanting to share what we learned or received with the people we love and care about or with a greater community we feel connected to.

There’s also a releasing and letting go that happens in the waning phases. It’s a good time to look back on everything that has happened since the new moon and reflect on the abundance you received during the full moon. What were your intentions during the new moon? Did they manifest in your life yet? If they didn’t, did you witness tiny shoots starting to grow in the direction of your dreams?

Think of the disseminating moon like the beginning of a great satisfying exhale. Reflect on what you need to release or let go or who it is time to forgive (including yourself) in order to experience a clean inner slate before the next new moon. 

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents what you want to release, let or or forgive before the next lunar cycle.


The disseminating moon is in the sign of Leo and it’s having a happy relationship with the sun which happens to rule the sign of Leo.

When the moon is in Leo and forms a trine with the sun, it brings a blend of emotional warmth, creative expression, and a heightened sense of self-confidence.

Leo, a fire sign ruled by the sun, is associated with boldness, creativity, and a natural flair for drama and leadership. When the moon, which governs our emotions and inner world, is in Leo, these qualities become more pronounced in our emotional landscape. You might find yourself feeling more outgoing, generous, and eager to express your unique talents and passions. It’s as if the moon in Leo ignites the fire within, encouraging you to show the world who you are with pride and confidence.

The trine aspect with the sun, which is a positive and flowing angle in astrology, further enhances these qualities. The sun’s influence brings vitality, clarity, and a strong sense of purpose. When the moon and sun are in this harmonious trine, it’s easier to align your inner feelings and desires with your outer expression and actions. There’s a sense of your emotional needs and your true self being in sync, making it an excellent time for creative endeavors, showcasing your talents, and taking steps towards what makes you genuinely happy.

Spiritually, the moon in Leo can be seen as a call to embrace your inner child and the purest forms of joy and self-expression. It’s a reminder to not only recognize but also celebrate your individuality. The energy of this aspect is uplifting and heartening, promoting a sense of inner alignment and personal fulfillment.

During this time, you might feel drawn to activities that allow you to stand out, be seen, and be appreciated for your unique qualities. Whether it’s through artistic projects, social gatherings, or leadership roles, the moon in Leo trine the sun supports you in taking center stage in your life, showcasing your abilities and, most importantly, having fun while doing it. It’s encouragement to let your light shine brightly and to enjoy the warmth and happiness that comes from being true to yourself.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents being true to yourself.


The disseminating moon moves into the sign of Virgo today. It is also having a happy relationship with Venus and a tense relationship with Uranus. 

When the moon is in a happy relationship with Venus, it invites emotional grace, beauty, and a deep sense of harmony in your relationships (including your relationship with yourself). The moon reflects feelings of love, artistic inspiration, and a strong connection to the pleasures and joys of life.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and relationships. In ancient mythology, Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, who was born from the sea and symbolizes the power of attraction and harmony. Venus is often depicted as a figure of irresistible charm and aesthetic grace, embodying the qualities of love, artistry, and the ability to bring people together in harmony.

When the moon, which governs our emotions and inner world, is in a happy relationship with Venus, these Venusian qualities become intertwined with our emotional landscape. You might feel more inclined toward expressing love and affection, seeking beauty in your surroundings, and indulging in activities that bring pleasure and joy. It’s a time when relationships can feel more harmonious, and you might find it easier to connect with others on an emotional level.

This harmonious aspect also enhances creativity and artistic expression. Whether it’s through music, art, or any other form of creative work, the moon today encourages you to explore and express your artistic side. It’s a perfect time to appreciate the beauty around you and within you.

Spiritually, this alignment is a reminder of the importance of love, beauty, and harmony in our lives. It’s a call to balance the messiness and pain we experience in this world with the beauty we can create and experience in it as well. This period invites you to cultivate and appreciate the soft, gentle, kind and loving aspects of life, encouraging a deeper connection with your sense of beauty and love.

In your art journal, create a page that celebrates seeing love and beauty in an area of your life that currently feels hard or messy.

Have fun with your art journal and the moon this week.

with love,

Dana da Ponte



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