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Art Journaling with the Moon for the Week of October 17, 2021

A summary of the phases of the moon for the upcoming week and the inner work and magic you can do in your art journal that corresponds with each phase



The gibbous moon is in Pisces. The energy and light of the moon is growing and the full moon is near. You might feel more emotional or more sensitive today and this might feel frustrating but it is also beneficial. It makes it easier to be connected to your subconscious realm which allows you to release or process emotions more easily.

In your art journal, try closing your eyes and moving your pencil in one continuous line for a while. When you’re ready, open your eyes and look at what you drew. Let your mind go and try to find images in what you created. What messages from your subconscious mind do the images bring to mind?


The gibbous moon is now in Aries. The gibbous moon is a great time to focus on your heart chakra. Try creating a picture in your art journal using only the color green. Gather different tones and shades of green and as you are coloring or painting with the color green, reflect on what you would need in order to allow your heart to receive love more easily and freely.


The gibbous moon is still in Aries. Aries energy doesn’t like hiding truth. It prefers we confront our truth, however uncomfortable it may be. Create a page in your journal where you confront a truth about yourself that has been hard to accept. Explore how you can confront this truth with compassion and acceptance.


Depending on your time zone, the full moon may not officially start out in the sign of Aries but astrologically speaking it is considered an Aries full moon. In your art journal, focus on releasing aggression. What colors, shapes, lines and movement would you use to express and release any aggression you feel onto the page? Remember, it doesn’t have to look pretty. You’re just practicing and exploring.


The full moon is in the earth sign of Taurus. Taurus energy is a great support for learning a new skill. Create a page in your art journal by watching an art tutorial video or by trying a new art skill that you learn from a book. Learn a new art skill then try it out.


The full moon is in Taurus for much of the day (depending on your time zone of course) but it does move to be void of course for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Times where the moon is void of course are great times to rest, rejuvenate and reflect. In your art journal, reflect on the intentions you planted at the new moon. What parts of your intentions have manifested in your life? What still needs to come to fruition? Is there anything you can do to support your intentions?


The full moon is now in the air sign of Gemini. Gemini energy is great to express yourself. Dedicate a page in your art journal to expressing what you did not express this week. Where did you hold back from saying what you wanted to say? Where did you choose not to express yourself fully? How would you like to express yourself in the future? You can also concentrate on using the color blue on this page as blue is associated with the throat chakra – an energy center in our bodies that is said to hold blocks we carry about expressing ourselves.

A Little about Me

I started working with lunar cycles because as a highly sensitive person who grew up with trauma around adults who did not know how to emotionally care for themselves or teach me how to manage my own sensitivities I ended up needing a lot more emotional support as an adult than I could afford to access.  Nature became my spiritual and emotional support system and living aligned with the moon phases and signs helped me feed my heart and spirit in ways it just wasn’t getting fed otherwise.

If you like art journaling with the moon, join me in my private Facebook community called ART JOURNALING WITH THE MOON FOR INTUITIVE HEALING. When you apply, you’ll be asked three simple questions and if you’re a good fit, you can join our circle of artists, healers, empaths and highly sensitive spirits.

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