New Moon November 2019

Creative Journal Page for the New Moon November 2019

The November new moon has potential to help you see a truth about yourself you’ve been in denial of. Sometimes truth isn’t the easiest thing to face, especially in areas of our lives we are struggling with.  I collaborated with a friend to create a journal page to help you ask Spirit what it is you need to see.


This new moon offers the potential for great and wondrous Aha moments. You know, those moments when you come to an awareness so magnificent and life-changing your whole world pivots and shifts ever so slightly a few degrees to the right or left. The kind of Aha moment that points you in a direction you were not previously going…a direction that will lead you to experience far more of what you actually want.

That’s the power and joy of a truly great Aha moment; it has the ability to reach deep at the root of your misery and change a destructive belief or thought you’ve carried for years while not even realizing how much damage it was causing you. Moments of revelation have the ability to set you back on course to your truth.

This is necessary since we all carry blind spots. Our minds are these amazing, fantastically powerful instruments but sometimes they get stuck. This is one of the reasons I love working with Spirit. Spirit has this unique way of stretching me to see more than I can currently see. For instance, when I work with Divine Mother, I am inevitably led to look at life through the lens of compassion. Everything looks a lot clearer through the lens of compassion but my mind doesn’t always go there on its own.

On its own my mind gets stuck in stories I tell about myself and other people. I wield these fantastic stories of blame or guilt and they often feel very real and valid. But with a little patience and a willingness to be guided by Divine Mother, my stories of pain and suffering shift and change. The characters in my stories become kind and warm. The way I see myself softens. I see a way out of my suffering that I did not see before.

This new moon I collaborated with a dear friend to create a journal page to help you seek guidance from your own angels and/or Spirit Guides.

Before you follow the instructions below, I encourage you to ask yourself a few important questions. Where are you not happy? What do you want to be doing that you are not currently doing?  Is there an opportunity to be found in whatever unwanted experience is currently showing up in your life?

There is gold to be mined in the uncomfortable and unpleasant circumstances we find ourselves in.

When I find myself experiencing something I prefer not to, my initial response is usually to desperately desire for things to change so I don’t have to feel all the yucky feelings that hang on the coattails of my unpleasant circumstances. If I’m not desperately wishing for things to change than I’m trying to run away and avoid them as much as I can. It takes me a while to remember that being curious is far more effective. What within me can I change to make this experience easier or more pleasant? What is this experience showing me about myself?

Instead of desperately wanting someone or something else to change or choosing to run away to hide, I’ll be using this new moon to heal my wounds and face my shadows so I can walk into the upcoming new year ready to expand and grow toward the life that best reflects my magical spirit. I welcome you to join me.

If you are not on my email list and haven’t received this month’s journal page, visit my homepage and sign up. You’ll receive a link where you can download the hand-drawn page I created for this particular moon. Print it, grab a tea and a cozy blanket, get comfortable then follow the instructions below.

If you enjoy these new moon journal pages, then you may also enjoy the free online Creative Moon Circles that accompany these pages. You can learn more about those here.


If moon rituals are familiar to you, prepare your sacred space and invite Spirit to join you in whatever way works best for you.

If, however, you are new to moon rituals, I’ve included a quick guide to the steps I follow to prepare for my moon rituals in a past blog post. Take a look at it before moving forward.

Print out the November new moon journal page and gather your favorite Tarot or oracle deck.

There are two pages included in this new moon package. The first page is a hand-drawn depiction of a woman laying out some tarot cards on the table. I created this image for Marlene Chapman of

Marlene asked me to create a cover page for her upcoming Tarot class. Marlene has been reading cards for almost 30 years. She is the most talented card reader I’ve ever met. If you are interested in learning more about Tarot cards, her online Tarot class will definitely be a great investment.

Marlene chose the three cards on the page I drew for specific reasons. Here’s her explanation of why she chose these cards:

The High Priestess embodies the archetype of the Mystic and Psychic. The ability to sense and intuit that which is hidden is strong in the the High Priestess.

The Fool tarot card is helpful when embarking on a new journey (like a new moon cycle). Whether its studying something new, implementing a new regime or really, anything we are ‘new’ at, being willing to look silly and appear naive can be tough for adults. Moving forward, following our inner guidance without expectation and simply enjoying the experience is the wisdom the Fool embodies.

The third tarot card lies flat on the table in the image and it speaks of the ability to rise above our earthly situations which gives us the perspective we require to see everything as perfect in its own way. As the last card in the Major Arcana, it represents the conclusion to our journey of enlightenment.

I love the collective energy these cards hold and will be coloring my page then placing it on my new moon altar.

The second hand-drawn journal page shows four empty boxes, each with a corresponding question from Marlene. Marlene created this spread especially for the new moon in November. The intention on this page is for you to pull a card from your own tarot and/or oracle deck after asking each question to Spirit. There are four questions so in the end you will have pulled four cards.

I like to do this kind of spread in a mindful way by first following the steps to open my moon ritual then spend time in quiet contemplation as I color before I pull my cards.

In the empty box beside the question, you can choose to either simply lay down your card onto of the page or gather your pencil and crayons and draw words and visual elements from the cards you pulled into the corresponding boxes. When I have the time, I prefer drawing elements of the cards I pulled onto the journal page rather than just placing the cards onto the page. I am able to travel deeper inward as I draw and color which allows me to see more about myself and the messages I am receiving from Spirit.

If you end up completing this spiritual art ritual, I’d love to see what you created. You can even post the finished piece on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #danasartrituals or email me at and share with me how it went for you. It’s fun for me to know there are others out there enjoying the moon with me.

with love,

Dana da Ponte




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