Art Journal with the Pisces New Moon to Play with Your Intuition

$67.00 CAD

During this Pisces new moon, I’m creating pages in my art journal and working with the MAP Method to develop and play with my intuition. Would you like to join me?

In this mini-course we align with the energy of the Pisces new moon to develop and play with your intuition and set an intention around allowing your true spirit to shine more brightly in your everyday life.

Doors to the online classroom open on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2023. You will have access for the lifetime of the course.


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Pisces energy is mystical, dreamy, hopeful, magical, flowing, oceanic and intuitive. It amplifies your sensitivities and heightens your psychic gifts. It’s the perfect energy to develop and play with your intuition.

Pisces energy also helps you connect to your divine essence and reminds you that all endings usher in new beginnings, the promise of rebirth is ever-present and if you look close enough, signs of renewal are always there. Let’s use that energy to set intentions around living from your true spirit.

In order to do so, you’ll have to contend with your shadows because they tend to block the light of your spirit from shining in your body and in your life. The new dark magic of the new moon is a great time to do the sacred inner work of reflecting on which parts of you live in the shadows and discovering what they need in order to feel safe enough to allow your true spirit to lead in your life.

It is also a magical time to use your intuition and psychic gifts to commune with your true spirit and receive messages of guidance.

In this mini-course, we use art to develop and play with your intuition, dive into your shadows and set your new moon intentions. We also work with your subconscious mind and the MAP Method to rewire your brain where it needs it most in order to clear what blocks you from opening your third eye more fully, developing your intuition and trusting your psychic gifts.