Rewire Your Brain with the Moon for 2023

Rewire Your Brain with the Moon in 2023

 Do you have BIG dreams you’d like to move towards in 2023?

If you do, you’ll probably notice your good friends Doubt, Procrastination and Self-Sabotage enter the picture. They tend to show up when we’re ready to grow and expand.

It’s not a bad thing. They’re only trying to help after all. They want to keep you safe but keeping you safe doesn’t have to mean slowing you down or getting in your way – as they have a tendency to do. 

You can make BIG steps forward in the direction of your dreams in 2023!

You just might need a little support. And that’s okay too. We all do. You’re not meant to do this all on your own.

This Might Help

I wish I could be there with you every step on your way to your dreams but unfortunately I cannot. I’m not as magical as that!

Although I wish I was. I wish I could appear like a genie and make all your wishes come true. That would be fun. But I’m just another human struggling to get past her own limitations like you. 

I do however, have a secret plan for 2023 that I’d love to share with you.

It involves your phone (or whatever device you listen to podcasts on) and my Moon Calendar for 2023.

You can download my Moon Calendar for 2023 by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. 

It outlines the new and full moons for the year and if you’re part of the Moon Mapping Year, it also lists the brain rewiring episodes I suggest listening to each week according the lunar and seasonal rhythms.

For instance, during the new moon, I suggest listening to the Moon Mapping episodes where we work with the MAP Method to magnetize your new moon intentions. It’s a little like asking your subconscious mind to go in and gather all the parts within your psyche who are afraid of your goals and talking to them until they feel safe enough to stop reacting in ways that prevent you from moving in the direction your heart really wants to go. 

During the full moon, we work with the MAP Method to help you stand in your power, own your talents and gifts and shine your light in the world. We all have parts within us who are uncomfortable with being seen. When you listen to the episodes in the Moon Mapping Year that I created specifically for the full moon, you will hear me give instructions to your subconscious mind and ask it to neutralize memories and beliefs that are working against you so that you start to feel less afraid and more willing to become all you desire to be.

The Perfect Way to Start Your Year

You’ll find all kinds of other episodes sprinkled throughout the year.

Some of the healing series you’ll find in the Moon Mapping Year include:

  • The Inner Child Series where I take you year by year from your time in the womb to your 18th birthday as we ask your subconscious mind to treat and neutralize memories that are no longer working for you from your childhood.
  • The Whole Body Care Series where each session focuses on a particular body part or body system so we can release trapped emotions from the areas you tend to store your traumatic memories most
  • The Food and Eating Series where we address harmful beliefs about food and eating then reinforce healthier more compassionate beliefs
  • The Ancestral Memories Series where we clear the generational trauma you are carrying in your body
  • The Happy Nervous System Series where I teach your subconscious mind how to soothe anxiety and work with your nervous system to stay as calm and regulated as possible (This series by itself is worth the investment)
  • The Intuition Series where I clear memories and beliefs that prevent you from trusting your intuition and lead you on guided journeys for psychic protection and to connect with your spirit guides and angels

Aside from the sessions in each series, there are a number of stand alone sessions that are soooooo helpful like the session that works with the new moon to visualize your future, the session that works with the full moon to unblock your chakras, the session that clears money blocks and the session that helps you stand in your power and trust your own path and one of my favorites, Leading Your Inner Critic with Love.

Even if you haven’t joined the Moon Mapping Year yet, you can read my suggestions and get an idea of some of the emotional and spiritual themes you can align with every week in 2023.

I hope it helps you make the most of 2023.

I especially hope it helps you make the most of your inner work in 2023.

By the way, if you’re ready to join the Moon Mapping Year, do it now. It’s $200 OFF until the Gemini full moon on December 7th, 2022.

Sign up here.



 Download the Calendar Here

To download a copy of the calendar you can print, click on the link below.

Moon Calendar 2023

with love,

Dana da Ponte



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