Shine Your Light Summer

30 Day Activation to Empower Your Inner Witch, Unleash Your Authentic Art and Manifest Your Creative Dreams

Have you had a creative dream for as long you can remember?

Is it still just a dream because you keep giving up?

I know how you feel.

It’s hard living with the soul of an artist when you don't think you're good enough, special enough or talented enough to take it seriously.

Imagine if you did though. Imagine if you took your creative dream seriously.

You’d probably stop putting everything and everyone else first. You’d probably feel motivated and excited to make your dream a reality. You'd probably do whatever it takes to create the art your soul longs to create.

What I know about you is you are fucking magical.

So of course becoming the artist you want to be is possible.


In 30 days, using simple morning manifestation art and evening brain rewiring recordings, we’re going to play, have fun and awaken your creative and spiritual potential.

Your inner witch AND your inner artist will become best friends and together, they will activate and “switch on” the parts of you that have been procrastinating, giving up and feeling blocked for so long.

Hi. I'm Dana.

Ever since I was eight years old, I wanted to illustrate and write my own books. I vividly remember the first book I ever made with my pencil crayons. I was beaming with pride. That moment has stuck in my mind for decades and I believe it’s because my spirit came here to do exactly that – illustrate and write my own sacred books.

But my past was heavy.

I lived through difficult childhood experiences that weighed me down. My spirit couldn’t soar because I was so disconnected from who I really was and what I really wanted.

I forgot about the creative dreams I had as a little girl so instead of following the call of my spirit, I wrote other people’s books for them and devoted all my time and energy to other people’s dreams. Then I got sick – really sick with an illness no one understood or could help me with. I didn’t have the time or energy to dream anymore.

That’s when the moon called to me.

I started listening to my instincts. I wanted to paint so I did that. I was tired of being so damn serious so I stopped caring what my art looked like and let myself play. I wanted to align myself with lunar cycles so I learned how to do that.

I kept praying and doing moon rituals in my art journal and setting new goals and intentions. I was doing daily manifestation art without realizing it! And I was having fun. Every new and full moon I spent time digging deeper into my wild creative nature. I used the moon as my mirror. I let it teach me about myself.

I fell deeper into the natural rhythms that support me. My inner witch came alive. I started following the Wheel of the Year and built my spiritual and creative practices around the themes and magic of the seasons. I started to feel vibrant and alive and aligned with the life force surrounding me.

I came back to myself.

The creative dream my inner eight year old held onto for all these years is now my top priority. I AM illustrating and writing my own sacred books.

To keep the momentum going, I want to spend 30 days at the height of the sun’s power focused on manifesting my creative dream and committing to taking the necessary steps forward and I’m inviting you to join me.

Each day, you'll receive two important activations.

Morning Manifestation Art

The day begins with a video that guides you through a simple art process designed to activate your inner witch so you draw your creative dream closer to you. I call this manifestation art because that's what it does - it manifests what you want into your life. All you do is watch the video, follow the instructions and play with your favorite art supplies. How fun is that?

Don't worry, the morning manifestation art we create is simple and quick. Plus, it's not about creating perfect art. It's about wielding your magic. We're going to connect with all the loving forces that want to help make your creative dream a reality like your spirit allies and ancestors and trust me, they don't give a shit what your manifestation art looks like. They're just happy you're finally taking your dreams seriously.

Your inner witch is going to love this part of the program!

Evening Brain Rewiring Recordings

Each day, you'll also receive a 10-20 minute audio recording that guides your brain in finding and clearing emotionally heavy memories. This process teaches your brain to heal itself and gently neutralizes the negative emotions associated with the heavy memories you carry in your body.

Dreaming big can trigger deep-seated fears or resistance from parts of yourself that aren't ready for change. This could be your inner child parts, ancestral energies, or even past life memories.

By listening to these recordings, you lift the emotional heaviness that blocks self-belief and stops you from pursuing your creative dreams. As these burdens are released, you'll find yourself feeling lighter and more optimistic, with a newfound conviction and emotional resilience that empowers you to chase after your creative dreams.

And thank fucking goddess for that because who wants to live with a spirit that feels so heavy and tired it can't live the life it longs to live. I'm so done with that and I bet you are too.

For added ease, I will also make these recordings available to you through a private podcast. I like doing my brain rewiring work while I walk or while I'm resting in my bed. I don't want to take my computer with me so if you're like me, having these recordings available on your phone is a great bonus.

Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to these recordings, so you can return to them even after you're done the program.

This dual approach of manifesting in the morning and rewiring your brain in the evening ensures that you not only dream big but also harmonize your inner state, making it safer and more comfortable for all parts of you to move forward towards your dreams. You will reduce resistance and enhance your ability to manifest.

Private Facebook Group

As part of this program, you’ll also gain access to an exclusive private Facebook group. This community allows you to connect and collaborate with fellow creative dreamers who are on a similar journey. You’ll share experiences, exchange ideas, and find inspiration from people like you who understand and relate to your creative goals and dreams. Plus, manifesting with others increasing the energy and vibration so we all benefiting from each other's magic making. And witnessing the successes and breakthroughs of others in the group can be profoundly inspiring, pushing you to strive further and dream bigger.

You can also directly ask me questions and receive guidance. I'm committed to checking in on the group at least once every weekday.

Plus we can share our manifestation art with each other. I LOVE this part. This allows you to be inspired by everyone’s creative expressions, gain new perspectives, and perhaps even incorporate elements you hadn't considered into your own art. It’s also a wonderful way to cheer each other on as we visually manifest our dreams.

Weekly Q and A Calls

Every Friday at 11am Mountain Time, starting on June 21st and going until July 26th (there is no call on July 19th), we’ll have a one-hour creative support call via Zoom where you can ask me anything - literally anything. Not only will this be a powerful place for you to move forward, but it’s also valuable to witness others being supported. We learn best from each other. YES - these calls will be recorded.

Yes! I'm in.