Art Journal with the Moon for April 15-21, 2024

In this post, I share a spell for business success you can perform in your art journal this week. Scroll down further and you will also see a summary of the moon’s energy from Monday – Sunday with daily prompts you can explore in your art journal so your deep inner work and magic is in alignment with the moon.

Create a Business Success Spell in Your Art Journal

This week, the sun moves into the sign of Taurus and Taurus season begins.

We’re moving away from the action packed and fast-paced Aries season. You might not feel it until next week but I promise you, a slower, more relaxed pace is coming.

This week, I want to use the energy the sun, Jupiter and Uranus are creating together to perform an art spell in my journal for business success. 

In this blog post, I explain why it’s a good time to perform this spell in your art journal. Next, I share the step-by-step instructions to perform a spell for business success in your art journal. Finally, as always, when you scroll past all that goodness, you’ll see I describe the comings and goings of the moon this week as well as the daily prompts you can use to art journal with the moon and align your emotional healing with lunar magic.

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Why This is a Good Time to Cast a Business Spell in Your Art Journal

There are two reasons why this week, and particularly Saturday, April 20th, is a good time to cast a spell for business success in your art journal.

Firstly, as I mentioned earlier, we move into Taurus season this week.

Taurus invites you to slow down and come back into your body. If you’re like me, this change is especially welcome after the intense energies of the recent eclipse season. Even if you didn’t have a lot happening in your physical world, you probably experienced a lot of shifts and change in your inner world which can be unsettling and depleting. Enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face and curling up with my journal on the deck is what my spirit needs right about now.

As an earth sign, Taurus is deeply connected to the physical and sensory world. It’s a time when our focus shifts towards material and monetary matters, but not just in the sense of acquiring wealth. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, Taurus season also encourages us to reconnect with the simple pleasures of life. This could be through enjoying good food, appreciating nature, indulging in comforts, or simply savoring moments of ease and relaxation.

Taurus values quality, connection, and seeking enjoyment in things that bring you joy, no matter how small or simple they might be.

Plus, with the Sun no longer in the same sign as the North Node, the frantic and intense energy you might have felt during Aries season and the eclipses is fading. Not to mention, the Sun is in the same sign as Jupiter and Uranus now which brings a sense of renewal and unexpected positive shifts and maybe even enhances your desire to connect with nature and rediscover what having fun is all about. Yes, please. More of that, thank you! My spirit is thirsty for all things Taurus! Can you tell?

I’m particularly looking forward to Saturday the 20th when Jupiter and Uranus will be gifting us with some beautiful opportunities that I plan to scoop up and play with in my art journal.

In ancient and Hellenistic astrology, Jupiter is known as the “Greater Benefic,” bringing growth, abundance, and good fortune. When Jupiter is involved, everything it touches tends to expand, and opportunities for prosperity and success increase. For artists and creators, this can mean enhanced creativity, greater visibility, and attracting more abundance through your art.

Uranus is associated with sudden changes, breakthroughs, and innovations. Uranus’ energy can help break old patterns and bring about new ways of thinking and creating. For creatives, this might manifest as a surge of unique ideas, adopting new mediums or techniques, or finding revolutionary new approaches to market and sell your art.

Taurus, being an earth sign ruled by Venus, focuses on the sensual, the beautiful, and the long-lasting. It values practicality and stability but also has a deep appreciation for art and what’s aesthetically pleasing.

Taurus’s energy helps ground the expansive and sometimes erratic energies of Jupiter and Uranus, making it a perfect time to manifest success through art and creativity.

As you can see, performing a spell in your art journal on Saturday can be particularly effective. Plus, the process will not only set the stage for your intentions to manifest in the physical world but also align your subconscious mind with your creative goals and dreams.

Preparing to Cast a Business Success Spell in Your Art Journal

Let’s start by talking about how to prepare for the spell.

Because the spell is focused on business success, I think getting clear on what business success means to you is an important place to start.

Business success can vary widely depending on personal values, artistic goals, and the unique challenges of managing a creative business. To you, success might mean achieving financial stability through your art, allowing you to fully support yourself with your creative work. Or it could mean gaining recognition, securing gallery placements, or influencing positive change in your community.

To get clear on what business success means to you as a creative entrepreneur, start by reflecting on your artistic journey and the motivations behind your work. Ask yourself questions like:

What drives my creative process?

What are my short-term goals for my art?

What are my long-term goals for my creations?

Is my goal to live comfortably from my art, or am I more focused on the impact and reach of my work, or are both important to me?

How do I define a balanced lifestyle that allows me to thrive both personally and professionally?

Consider also the nature of your interactions with your audience and community.

Does success include building a strong, engaged community of followers and collectors?

How important is it to maintain artistic integrity and authenticity in my work, and how will I balance this with the demands of marketing and selling?

Additionally, think about the legacy you want to leave through your art.

Do I want to impart messages or influence other with the things I create and sell?

What does leaving a lasting impact mean to me and is it part of my definition of success?

Do I see my work contributing to social or communal goals, and how important is this contribution to my sense of achievement?

Beyond my lifetime, what legacy do I want to leave through my art? How do I want my work to be remembered, and what impact do I hope it has on future generations or the art community?

Next think about what business success means to you in terms of relationships, family and lifestyle.

How do I want my business success to affect my relationships with family and friends?

What does a typical day look like for me as a successful creative entrepreneur?

How much time do I spend creating, marketing, and managing business operations?

Is there room in my daily schedule for rest, recreation, and personal care, which are essential for sustained creative energy?

What kind of lifestyle am I aiming to achieve through my creative business?

Am I seeking flexibility that allows me to travel or pursue other passions, or am I focused on building a stable, community-based life where my local connections and routine are priorities?

How integrated do I want my work and personal life to be? 

Being clear on what success means to you and your creative business before performing a spell for business success is crucial because it aligns your intentions with your actions, ensuring that the energy you channel and the efforts you make are directed toward outcomes that truly matter to you.

Clarity acts as a guiding force, helping you to focus your thoughts and desires effectively during the spell. When you are specific about what aspects of success you are seeking—whether it’s financial stability, creative recognition, or work-life balance or a harmonious combination of all three—it enables you to tailor the elements of your spell, such as the symbols, colors, and affirmations used, to resonate deeply with those particular goals.

Moreover, understanding your definition of success helps prevent unintended consequences that might arise from vague or misaligned intentions. For example, if you desire a successful business that allows you ample time for family, but your spell only focuses on financial gain, you might find yourself achieving professional success at the cost of the relationships that are nearest and dearest to your heart.

By being clear and specific in your intentions, you ensure that the outcomes of your moon magic enhance all areas of your life that you value.

This preparatory step also deepens the emotional impact of the ritual, reinforcing your commitment to your goals and boosting your confidence in your ability to achieve them. It turns the spell into a powerful act of visualization and manifestation that not only attracts success but also prepares you mentally and emotionally to embrace success when it comes.

When you’ve answered all the questions, make a list of important key points that reflect the qualities, values or outcomes and results that are important to you. This list will help you with the next step.

Now let’s collect the symbols and imagery you’ll need to cast a business success spell in your art journal.

Collecting Symbols and Imagery

Now that you’re clear on what business success means to you and you have a list to work with, it’s time to collect the symbols, colors, plant magic, animal magic, affirmations or anything else that resonates with your intentions or goals you want to include in your art spell.

To begin, look at the list you created that outlines what business success means to you and consider what you want to associate with each item on that list. For instance, if earning more money is part of what business success means to you, green and gold might be prominent colors in your art spell because they represent money, wealth, success and prosperity. If creativity is an essential part of your business success, you might choose symbols like the paintbrush or palette, or creatures that symbolize creativity, like the spider or butterfly.

For affirmations, craft statements that reflect your intentions or goals. These should be positive and in the present tense, such as “I am attracting clients who appreciate my art” or “I am successfully growing my creative business at a pace that is kind to my body and nervous system.” Write as many affirmations down as you feel inspired to.

Incorporate plant magic by selecting herbs and flowers associated with the energies you need. For example, basil is often used for wealth and success spells, while lavender can promote calmness and clarity in your decision-making. You can draw, paint or collage pictures of these plants on the page as you’re casting your spell or make prints of the leaves in your art or glue on dried plants onto the page or crush dried herbs and mix them into your paint.

You might also consider including crystals that correspond to your intentions, like citrine for success or aventurine for prosperity. You can draw, paint or collage pictures of these into your art as well.

Animal magic can be integrated by choosing animals that symbolize qualities you want to invoke. For example, an eagle could represent sharp vision and high aspirations, while a bull (reflecting the determination of Taurus) could be great for enduring success. You might want to draw or paint the whole animal or you might want to draw a part of them such as a feather or illustrate the tracks they make when them walk on the ground.

As you collect these items and think about how you might include them into your art, don’t worry about using all of them.

The act of gathering a bunch of different options helps clarify your thoughts and refine your focus. When you finally sit down to perform your spell, having a wide array of symbols and tools at your disposal allows you to intuitively select the ones that feel most potent in the moment.

Clear, Cleanse, Protect and Invoke

Before casting a spell in your art journal, you’ll want to prepare yourself and your space.

First, you’ll want to create a sacred space. This means choosing a quiet spot where you are unlikely to be disturbed. You might want to clean the area physically and energetically, perhaps by sweeping, dusting, or using a bell or smoke to clear the space then add sacred objects that represent business success to you or represent the deities, spirit allies or ancestors you are seeking support from.

Next, clear your own energy. This might involve taking a bath with salts, meditating briefly, or doing some deep breathing exercises. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can keep things as simple as you want or get as fancy as you want. Whatever feels magical to you. The aim is to release any negative energy or distractions and to center yourself fully in the present moment.

Casting a protective circle is the next step. This can be done by physically marking out a circle in your space, using stones, crystals, or even just visualizing a protective barrier around you. The circle acts as a boundary that keeps out unwanted energies and creates a safe, sacred space for your magical work.

Then, invoke your spirit allies or ancestors. This can be as simple as lighting a candle and calling on them with a spoken invitation, or it could involve a more elaborate ritual specific to your spiritual beliefs. The key is to connect with those spiritual entities that you feel guide and protect you, asking for their assistance in your spellwork.

This entire process is highly personal and should reflect your own spiritual beliefs and practices. There’s no one right way to prepare for a spell; the most important thing is that it feels right and meaningful to you. For beginners or those wanting a refresher, I provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how I perform these steps in art rituals in this post:


Finally, it’s time to create your art and cast your spell.

This is when you bring out your collected items—symbols, colors, and affirmations – and begin to incorporate them into your art on a page in your art journal. Creating a piece of art as part of a spell involves weaving together various elements that resonate deeply with your intentions. As you work, focus on your intentions, visualize the outcomes you desire, and channel the energy of the spirit allies, deities or ancestors you asked to support you.

The image I want to create when I sit down to cast this spell in my art journal is a mixed media painting of me wearing a gold and green cloak that is adorned with the symbols, plants and images that signify business success to me. If you like this idea, go ahead and create your own version.

The cloak is a potent symbol. Traditionally, cloaks are associated with protection, mystery, and power. In the context of my spell and painting, the cloak represents a protective barrier that shields me from negativity and failure, while also serving as a magical garment that attracts and holds the essence of success.

By adorning the cloak with symbols of business success, I am “wearing” my aspirations, wrapping myself in the qualities I wish to attract. This visual metaphor not only reinforces my connection to my intentions and goals on a daily basis but also serves as a reminder of my capabilities and the protective support of my magic.

A cloak also symbolizes embracing a new identity or stepping into a role that I aspire to fulfill. Just as a cloak can transform my appearance, my artistic depiction of wearing this cloak symbolizes to me my transformation into a successful business person, fully embodying the qualities needed to thrive. It suggests not only protection but empowerment—enveloping me in the attributes that foster success, such as resilience, creativity, and determination.

By casting this spell in your journal, your art becomes more than just a decorative piece; it acts as an affirmation of your goals and intentions and hopefully as a talisman that continuously attracts the energies you need to succeed.

Close the Circle

Concluding your art spell and closing the circle helps you to seal the energies and express gratitude for the guidance and support you received during the ritual. This process involves deliberately acknowledging the end of the spell, grounding any excess energy, and showing appreciation to any spirit allies or ancestors who may have assisted you.

You can start by thanking the elements, spirits, or deities you invoked. Speak these thanks aloud or paint or draw them onto the page you created, expressing your genuine gratitude for their support. This can be as simple as saying, “Thank you for your guidance and energy, please return from where you came with my thanks.”

Next, it’s important to close the protective circle you cast at the start. Visualize the energy of the circle dissipating or being drawn back into the earth, leaving your space as it was before your ritual. You can physically gesture, like sweeping your hands outward or clockwise, symbolizing the closing of the space. This acts to clear the boundary you established and signals that your ritual space is now returning to normal, everyday use.

Following the closure of the circle, it’s helpful to ground yourself, especially after performing energetic work. You might eat something, take a few deep breaths, or physically touch the ground or floor with your hands, helping to return any residual energy back to the earth.

Finally, consider leaving a small offering as a final gesture of thanks. This could be something like a bit of food, a flower, or a small pour of water left outside, which symbolizes your gratitude and respect for the natural world and the spiritual forces that assisted you.

The offering should be something that feels meaningful to you and appropriate for the entities or energies you are thanking.

Concluding with gratitude and an offering not only marks the end of your ritual but also strengthens your relationship with your spirit allies or ancestors, enhancing the effectiveness of your future magical practices. You also ensure that the spell’s energies are neatly tied up and your appreciation duly noted, setting a positive tone for whatever magical work you might want to do next.

The Moon This Week

Finally, my last gift to you this week. If you want to work with the moon to do your emotional work or deepen your creativity, here’s a summary of the moon’s energy from Monday – Sunday with daily prompts you can explore in your art journal.


The first quarter moon moves into the sign of Leo. It is also a busy moon having a lot of interactions with other planets. It’s having a tense relationship with Mercury, an opposing relationship with Pluto and a happy relationship with Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.

The first quarter moon represents action and decision. This phase occurs when the moon is halfway between the new moon and the full moon, representing a point of tension between the potential planted during the new moon and the peak of energy that the full moon brings. It’s the difference between the seeds of intention you plant and the actual outcomes or results you experience.

The first quarter moon also represents a push for growth, a call to overcome challenges, and an urge to make tangible steps toward realizing your dreams and intentions.

For highly sensitive people who carry a creative dream deep in their hearts, the first quarter moon can be both challenging and supportive. The energy is building. It’s a period that can stir up inner turmoil, as the pressure to act and the fear of failure become more pronounced. However, the energy of the first quarter moon also encourages you to break through barriers, whether they’re external obstacles or internal doubts, pushing you to heal what you need to heal to move forward and take concrete steps forward toward your creative dreams.  

The first quarter moon also asks you to balance your emotional needs and your sensitivities with the demands of breathing life into your creative projects. The first quarter moon’s energy supports you in taking bold steps, even if they’re small ones, reminding you that every action taken in pursuit of your dreams is valuable and meaningful.

It’s a good time to play with your art, to experiment, and to take creative risks you’ve been contemplating. It’s a call to move beyond your comfort zone and to trust in the unique perspective that your sensitivity brings to your work.

The truth is your sensitivity enriches your capacity to create and to  with the world in profound ways. As much as your sensitivity is a gift, it can also bring challenges. The first quarter moon reminds you that challenges and discomfort often come hand in hand with growth and success. Embrace your sensitive nature, recognize it as the creative and spiritual gift it is, and allow it to take you where your spirit wants to go.

In your art journal, play, experiment and have fun and see what you create when you let go and try new things.


Today the first quarter moon is in the sign of Leo. It is also having an intense relationship with Pluto.

Leo, a fixed fire sign, is ruled by the sun. When the moon enters Leo, it highlights a bit more of the sun’s radiant energy. Imagine the moon, who represents emotions, soaking in the sun’s light and reflecting back to us feelings of loyalty, warmth, optimism, playfulness and power. This is the core of Leo energy. It invites you to shine your light unapologetically, to soak in the warmth of your inner worth, and to happily and confidently project your unique essence into the world.

Let’s channel this Leo moon energy into your art journal. Begin by thinking of your inner light – that undying spark within you that remains radiant regardless of life’s ups and downs. This is your core, forever glowing, forever worthy of love, respect, and all things good.

Start by drawing or painting a representation of this light. It could be a simple flame, a radiant sun, a luminous gem, or anything that symbolizes your inner brilliance. As you create this representation, visualize your light growing brighter and more powerful, pulling in positivity, opportunities, and goodness.

As Leo’s energy encourages expressiveness and childlike playfulness, let your journaling be fun and judgment free. Use bold colors and vivid imagery. You might even want to incorporate glitter or gold foil to represent the shimmering confidence of Leo. Or maybe include affirmations that resonate with Leo’s warmth and power, such as:

“I am radiant and worthy.”

“My light attracts goodness.”

“I shine brightly, unapologetically.”

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents your inner light shining bright in the world.


Today the first quarter moon is in the sign of Leo. It is also having a happy relationship with Venus and Mercury and a tense relationship with Uranus and Jupiter.

This is a good day to prepare for the business success spell you’ll cast in your art journal on Saturday if that applies to you. If not, simply think about what success means to you in another area of your life.

The moon in Leo brings a boost of confidence, enthusiasm, and a desire to express yourself, making it a powerful time for creativity and showcasing your talents. Leo’s fiery energy helps ignite your passion.

The happy relationship the moon is having with Mercury today enhances communication and makes it easier to be divinely inspired and helps you to think clearly. It’s an excellent time to use your art journal to clarify and define what business success looks and feels like to you. Mercury will help you think clearly and communicate your ideas onto the page effectively.

Venus adds a layer of harmony, beauty, and value to the mix, encouraging you to consider what is truly valuable, meaningful and enjoyable about your creative business or creative goals. It supports attracting positive relationships and financial well-being, which are crucial for business success. Venus’ influence also makes it a great day to visualize in your art journal how you want your business to grow and how it aligns with your personal values.

By using the energy of this day to imagine or visualize in your art journal, you are setting a strong foundation for your spell on Saturday. This preparation involves creatively defining your goals and aspirations, aligning them with your true self, and ensuring they resonate deeply with your heart, thanks to Leo’s influence. This not only makes your upcoming spell more potent but also aligns your spirit with your creative goals and dreams, making the path to success clearer and alive with your personal magic.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents what success means to you.


The first quarter moon moves into the sign of Virgo.

The first quarter moon is the phase in the creation cycle where there is a tendency to give up or doubt the process. Challenges or obstacles may come between you and your goals and your job is to remain committed despite whatever gets in the way. This is the time to observe your self-talk and heal whatever shadows surface. Make sure you are taking actions and making decisions from your Spirit and your inner wisdom rather than listening to your insecurities and doubt.

Emotional and spiritual themes you can explore in your art journal for the first quarter moon include themes around commitment, doubt, insecurities, body image, self-esteem, your inner critic, your passion, purpose and bigger reasons for being.

Take a moment to think about your new moon intentions again. Imagine what it will be like if your new moon intentions became a reality in your life.

What changes, big or small, will happen in your life when your new moon intentions become real?

What will it feel like to experience those changes?

What choices can you make this week to help your new moon intentions become a reality in your life?

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage a page that represents a choice you can make this week to help your new moon intentions become a reality.


The gibbous moon is in the sign of Virgo. It is also having an opposing relationship with the planet Saturn.

This moon phase is when the moon seems almost full. In the creation process, it’s a great time to clear any trapped emotions or energy so that all parts of you, even the hidden wounded subconscious parts, are on board with your goals or your new moon intentions. Some of those blocks include ancestral memories stored in your body, past life memories or energy and emotions you unconsciously absorbed from other people. You are most likely carrying subconscious beliefs or stories that no longer serve you so it is helpful to spend time in your art journal tending to those.

Themes you can explore in your art journal for the gibbous moon include, clearing ancestral memories, your family tree, past life memories, co-dependency, the heart chakra and daily habits and routines.

In my art journal, this is the time when I’m thinking about whether or not my everyday life supports my New Moon intentions.

What about your everyday life can be shifted or changed to better support the direction you want to move forward in?

Are there routines or habits you can begin that will better support your dreams and goals?

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents a routine or habit you can start or maintain to help your new moon intentions become a reality.


The gibbous moon moves into the sign of Libra. It is also in a happy relationship with Jupiter and Uranus and an opposing relationship with Neptune and Mars.

Today is the best day to cast the spell for business success I outlined above so please revisit the instructions I shared and enjoy creating an image that represents business success to you in your art journal. And if business success isn’t an interest of yours, you can consider what success in another area of your life means to you and tailor the spell to meet your needs.

In your art journal, cast a spell for business success.


The gibbous moon is in the sign of Libra. It is also having a happy relationship with Pluto.

The moon is the queen of the night. She wants to illuminate the darkness, bring about change, be a mirror to reflect us back to ourselves and awaken our receptive and intuitive powers. She represents your body and emotions and reminds you that life is an ever-changing cycle of birth, death, decay and rebirth. She wants to bring kindness, nurturing, novelty and adaptability. She also wants to improve your relationship with your emotions, your body and your intuition.

Pluto wants to illuminate what is hidden in your subconscious realm to help you transform. It can bring endings, new beginnings, deep spiritual growth and rebirth. With Pluto’s energy influencing us, its helpful to face your shadows and your inner darkness – and hopefully you can do that with compassion.

With this happy relationship Pluto is having with the moon expect your sensitivities to deepen, your creative gifts to flourish, your imagination to be expanded and your intuition to be open and receptive. Communication with the realms of Spirit and your ancestors is easier in this energy. It’s a good time to clear ancestral beliefs that no longer serve you or express gratitude to your spirit guides and angels for all the support you receive – seen and unseen.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents gratitude for the support you receive – seen or unseen.

Have fun with your art journal and the moon this week.

with love,

Dana da Ponte



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