Art Journal with the Moon for April 22-28, 2024

In this post, I share a ritual you can do in your art journal to work with the Scorpio full moon to nurture your inner power. Scroll down further and you will also see a summary of the moon’s energy from Monday – Sunday with daily prompts you can explore in your art journal so your deep inner work and magic is in alignment with the moon.

Work with the Scorpio Full Moon to Nurture Your Inner Power

We greet a full moon in Scorpio on Tuesday.

In this blog post, I share my thoughts on the Scorpio full moon. Next, I share step-by-step instructions to work with the full moon in your art journal to nurture your inner power. Don’t forget, you can work with that full moon energy all the way until Thursday or Friday if you need the flexibility. Finally, as always, when you scroll past all that goodness, you’ll see I describe the comings and goings of the moon this week as well as the daily prompts you can use to art journal with the moon and align your emotional healing with lunar magic.

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A Little About the Scorpio Full Moon

The full moon in Scorpio is helpful for transformation, deep emotional connections, and uncovering hidden truths. Scorpio, ruled by Mars in ancient astrology, embodies the qualities of determination, depth, and profound change. This sign encourages you to dive deep into the darker, more complex parts of your psyche to understand your deepest desires and fears. It also encourages you to be with the complicated feelings you’d rather avoid.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign which can symbolically represent fertile ground that is consistently watered so can grow a great many good things but it can also mean stagnant water that has been left sitting for too long. I live by a river and in the hot summer months the running water in the river is cool and clear and fresh but the water that isn’t moving and is stuck in pools along the bank becomes stinky and dank.

When we’re not processing, digesting, transforming and clearing or releasing our emotional waters, they get a little like those pools of stagnant water by the river. The Scorpio full moon is a great time to shed some light on the emotions you’ve been neglecting and spend some time tending to what needs to be tended to in your heart and spirit so your emotional waters aren’t left alone for too long.

What would it look like to own your inner strength and authority?

What would it look like to feel powerful and self-assured?

During a Scorpio full moon this is about understanding that true power comes from within—knowing who you are, including your deepest desires and darkest fears, and integrating these aspects into your being without shame.

Mars and Scorpio also teach you that owning your power means being in control of your actions and reactions, not being swayed by external circumstances or opinions but instead acting from a place of deep personal authenticity.

But What If You Struggle to Harness Your Inner Power?

Personally, I struggle with this. In my birth chart, Mars is in challenging condition and this definitely shows up in my experience. I feel this especially in my relationship with my inner power. I struggle to assert myself. I was a people pleaser who didn’t set healthy boundaries for so long. It took me a long time to know who I am. I don’t often feel strong, powerful or self-assured.

Last week, I shared my new free guidebook for inner child healing with the moon and your art journal. If you didn’t download it yet, you can here. It’s moons like the one we greet this week that remind me why inner child healing is so important.

I was a highly sensitive child who experienced emotional neglect (most of us did) and untended trauma. I required considerable emotional support, but that support was lacking because the culture in those days just didn’t understand emotional needs like we do now.  It led to a fundamental feeling of insecurity and mistrust in my own abilities and in the world around me.

Like so many of us, I grew up feeling unseen and misunderstood. This eroded my self-esteem. I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted or how to look inward and develop my own sense of self. I internalized the lack of attention to my emotional needs as a reflection of my worth. Without adequate validation and care, I struggled to develop a strong, positive sense of self. I felt inherently powerless and believed that my needs and feelings were unimportant and burdensome to others.

Untended trauma added another layer of difficulty. Trauma can leave a child in a persistent state of stress or fear, leading to anxiety and hypervigilance and this was definitely the case for me. I became overly attuned to the emotions and reactions of others as a survival mechanism, prioritizing others’ needs over my own. This habit, developed in childhood, persisted into adulthood, making it difficult to know what I needed never mind how to assert myself in relationships to ensure my needs were met.

I had a stronger sense of everybody else’s inner world than I did of my own.

Learning to Assert Myself

This all manifested as a struggle with asserting personal boundaries and a tendency to undervalue my contributions and talents. I had difficulty recognizing my strengths and capabilities, leading to challenges in harnessing and expressing my inner power effectively.

I had to learn how to recognize and affirm my value, see my worth, develop healthier boundaries, and of course, process and tend to my trauma.

I know myself a lot better now and I’m far more aware of my needs and I will communicate them clearly but I still struggle to feel strong and worthy.

I notice this comes up a lot when I’m stretching myself to be more visible in my work or when I don’t meet the financial goals I set for myself and my creative business.

Sometimes when I’m presenting myself to public scrutiny like I do on social media, my inner power feels closely tied to how others perceive me. I’ll feel strong and good if my posts perform well but I’ll feel like a failure if they don’t. A lack of engagement can feel like rejection. This external validation—or the lack of it – significantly impacts how powerful and worthy I feel.

Trying to run your own business and follow your creative dreams is definitely not an easy feat when, as a child, you didn’t get the opportunity to develop a strong sense of self or grow a healthy self-esteem.

If you relate to this, the Scorpio full moon is a great time to reconnect with your intrinsic worth. Inner power comes from recognizing your inherent value and from an inner conviction that you are worthy just as you are right now.

Your hold inherent value simply by being you, independent of achievements, status, or the judgments of others. Your value as a person does not fluctuate based on external circumstances or how much you accomplish. If you’ve struggled with this concept your entire life, it might feel elusive or abstract, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is true.

You are valuable, lovable, and worthy right now, as you are, without needing to prove anything to anyone.

This value does not increase because of your successes nor diminish because of your failures. It’s intrinsic, which means it’s built into the very fabric of your being. You were born with it, and it stays with you forever.

Your true essence, the core of who you are, is good enough.

Yes, keep growing and improving and keep setting goals that are important to you but for the love of all that is bright and beautiful, remember that these do not define your worth.

Treat yourself with kindness and compassion. Speak to yourself as you would a dear friend, recognize your strengths, and forgive yourself for your mistakes. Celebrate small victories not because they add to your worth but because they reflect your existing value. Surround yourself with people who respect and affirm your worth, and gradually, you might just begin to internalize it too.

Realizing your intrinsic worth might be a long journey, particularly if you’ve battled with this understanding for a long time, but it is worth it because that’s how you build a more secure, confident, and empowered self and you AND I both deserve that!!!

So, let’s start with this Scorpio full moon, shall we?

Here’s what I’ll be doing in my art journal on the Scorpio full moon. I invite you to follow along with me if you want to work with the magic of this full moon in your art journal too.

A Map of You

Let’s make a visual map of your life journey that focuses on the significant milestones, challenges you’ve overcome, and positive memories. It’s a map that highlights the times in your life you overcame something or you faced a challenge and made it to the other side or you achieved something you never thought you could or you did the hard inner work of healing and growing. Visualizing your life in this way can help you appreciate how far you’ve come and recognize how resilient you are and grow your sense of how powerful you already are.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to get you started:

Gather Materials

Start by gathering all the materials you’ll need, such as your art journal, pens, markers, colored pencils, or even paints. You might also want to include personal items like photographs, ticket stubs, or other memorabilia that represent important moments in your life.

Choose Your Layout

Decide on the format of your journey map. It could be a linear timeline, a branching tree that shows different aspects of your life, or a spiral that starts from your birth and expands outward. Choose a layout that feels intuitive and symbolic of your life’s path.

Sketch the Path

Lightly sketch the path or structure of your map with a pencil. If you’re using a linear format, you might draw a straight line or a winding road. For a tree, draw branches that extend from a central trunk. For a spiral, start at the center of the page and swirl outwards.

Mark Significant Life Events

Begin marking significant events along your path. Place milestones (like graduations, moving to a new city, or starting a new job) along the timeline. This will help jog your memory for the internal milestones you will focus on later. Add challenges you’ve overcome (such as recovering from illness or ending a toxic relationship) and positive memories (like memorable vacations or achievements).

Celebrate Internal Milestones

Mark moments in your life that reflect personal growth, resilience, emotional breakthroughs, and self-discovery. These milestones emphasize internal development rather than external achievements and we can all use a little more focusing on and celebrating our emotional and spiritual milestones.

Here are some moments to consider. On your map, mark the times in your life you can remember doing the following:

  1. Overcoming a Personal Fear: Did you face and overcome a personal fear or phobia, whether it was fear of failure, fear of rejection, or any other deeply held fear?
  2. Developing a New Skill: How did learning that new skill make you feel more capable and confident?
  3. Establishing Boundaries: On your map, mark the first time you remember setting healthy boundaries in personal or professional relationships, which demonstrates self-respect and the ability to protect your well-being.
  4. Practicing Forgiveness: Mark a moment when you forgave someone else or yourself, which can be a profound indicator of emotional maturity and compassion.
  5. Understanding Your Emotional Needs: When did you recognize and honor your emotional needs without judgment?
  6. Maintaining Integrity: Choosing to act according to your values and beliefs, even when it was challenging or unpopular, shows strength of character.
  7. Cultivating Self-Compassion: Do you remember a moment you began to treat yourself with kindness and understanding even if you were going through difficult times?
  8. Navigating Grief or Loss: On your map, mark a time when you worked through grief or loss and came to terms with it, showing resilience and the ability to cope with life’s challenges.
  9. Engaging in Self-Reflection: Mark times when you actively engaged in self-reflection to understand your motivations and desires better.
  10. Achieving Personal Acceptance: Mark times you reached a point of accepting and loving yourself as you are, without the need for external validation.
  11. Embracing Vulnerability: The first time you allowed yourself to be vulnerable with someone else, showing strength in openness and building deeper connections.
  12. Recovering from a Setback: The moment you picked yourself up after a setback, showing resilience and the ability to persevere through challenges.
  13. Starting a Mindfulness Practice: When you began practicing mindfulness or meditation, demonstrating a commitment to your mental health and inner peace.
  14. Expressing Your True Feelings: The first time you expressed your true feelings about something important, showing authenticity and courage.
  15. Letting Go of a Toxic Relationship: The decision to end or distance yourself from a toxic relationship, prioritizing your well-being and self-respect.
  16. Acknowledging Your Weaknesses: The moment you acknowledged your weaknesses without self-judgment, showing self-awareness and a willingness to grow.
  17. Celebrating Alone Time: Realizing the value of spending time alone and enjoying your own company, which shows self-sufficiency and comfort with your inner self.
  18. Committing to Personal Values: When you made a decision based solely on your personal values, even if it meant going against the grain.
  19. Learning to Say No: The first time you said no to something that didn’t serve you, demonstrating self-respect and the ability to uphold your boundaries.
  20. Acknowledging Growth: Any moment you recognized and celebrated your own growth, even if nobody else did, showing an appreciation for your personal development journey.

Add Details and Decorations

Once the basic structure of your map is in place and you’ve added the moments you’re celebrating, go back and add details. You can draw symbols, write brief descriptions, or stick photos that correspond to each event. Use colors to highlight emotions associated with different times—warm colors for happy memories, cooler tones for challenging times.

Reflect and Connect

As you place each event, take the time to reflect on how it impacted your personal growth. Draw lines or threads connecting events that led to significant changes or personal development. This part of the process can be quite insightful as you visually connect the dots between different phases of your life.


Once you’ve completed your map, take a step back and review it. Look at how far you’ve come and the obstacles you’ve navigated. This overall view can help you see yourself in a more loving and favorable way.

Add Final Touches

If desired, add a border or title to your map, or write a reflective note or summary at the bottom of the page expressing how creating the map made you feel or what insights you’ve gained.

Whether or not you hang out with your art journal during the full moon, I hope you spend a moment letting the moon’s beams kiss your face and remind you how loved you are just as you are right here and right now!

The Moon This Week

If you want to work with the moon to do your emotional work or deepen your creativity, here’s a summary of the moon’s energy from Monday – Sunday with daily prompts you can explore in your art journal.


The gibbous moon moves into the sign of Scorpio. It is also having an opposing relationship with Venus and Mercury.

The moon is in an opposing relationship with Venus today. This means they are in signs directly opposite each other. This can bring a push, pull energy to their relationship as if they are opposing what each other wants to do.

The moon, which governs our emotions, habits, and instinctual reactions, represents the nurturing side of our nature and our immediate responses to our environment. Venus, on the other hand, rules over love, beauty, and what we value, focusing on our desires for relationship, intimacy, beauty and comfort.

When the Moon opposes Venus, it creates a tension between your emotional needs and your desires for love and connection. It highlights the inner conflict between staying true to your emotional self and adapting to ensure you are loved or accepted by others.

The Moon symbolizes your deepest emotional instincts and your inherent need for security and comfort. It represents how you instinctively react to situations and what you need to feel emotionally fulfilled. These needs are deeply personal and can sometimes be at odds with your interactions in relationships, which are governed by Venus.

Venus, opposing the Moon, stands for our desire for affection, appreciation, harmony, and companionship. It influences our social interactions, our sense of beauty, and our pursuit of pleasure. Venus drives us to connect with others, often motivating us to compromise or alter our emotional expressions to maintain peace and harmony in our relationships.

This opposition can lead to a situation where you might suppress your true feelings or neglect your emotional needs to please others or to keep the peace. The desire for acceptance and love can sometimes overshadow your need to honor and trust your own emotions, leading to inner conflict and dissatisfaction.

The emotional and spiritual challenge here is to find a balance between these two forces. It’s about learning how to assert and express your emotional needs without compromising your relationships. Conversely, it’s also about recognizing when you are sacrificing too much of your emotional authenticity for the sake of harmony and allow yourself to see when the relationship just isn’t working because your emotional self is not being cared for or honored.

The moon and Venus encourage you to develop a relationship with yourself that is as important, respectful and loving as the relationships you strive to create with others.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents an emotional need you have in a relationship you are struggling with.


Today we greet the full moon in Scorpio. The moon is also having a tense relationship with the planet Pluto.

When the full moon—which naturally amplifies emotions and brings things to a culmination—occurs in Scorpio, it illuminates these deep-seated issues and hidden aspects of our lives. It encourages a purging of pent-up emotions, making it an ideal time for releasing what no longer serves you. The energy of Scorpio invites us to dive deep into our subconscious, confronting the secrets we keep from even ourselves and encouraging healing from the roots.

The full moon is also in a tense relationship with Pluto. Pluto embodies transformation and deals with the cycles of death and rebirth. It confronts us with the most fundamental and often uncomfortable truths about our existence. When the full moon squares Pluto, it magnifies these themes, pushing for change and deep emotional transformation. This relationship between Pluto and the full moon can also bring up issues of control and power. 

To personalize this moon even further, let’s get specific and see the area of YOUR life that this moon energy is focused on.

To figure out what area of your life this moon wants you to focus on, you simply need to know your rising sign.

If you don’t know your rising sign (it’s different than your sun or moon sign), then you can read more about it here and you can calculate what it is here. I also show you how to calculate your birth chart using the whole sign house system here. When you create your birth chart in this way, you will see your rising sign is the zodiac sign that occupies the first house in your birth chart.

Overall, the full moon might be challenging you to face your deepest fears and insecurities so you can transform them into strength. The energy of this moon is about breaking down old structures to rebuild stronger, more authentic foundations. It’s a powerful time for deep healing which means it’s a great day to pull out your art journal. 

If your rising sign is Aries, the full moon is inviting you to illuminate the emotional wounds you carry from debt, shared money, inheritance, taxes, your mental and emotional health or your thoughts and feelings around death or your mortality.

If your rising sign is Taurus, the full moon is inviting you to illuminate the emotional wounds you carry from your marriage or any close, intimate relationship that is important to you or any important significant partnerships you’ve experienced – personal or professional.

If your rising sign is Gemini, the full moon is inviting you to illuminate the emotional wounds you carry from your health, your relationship with your pets or your daily routines and work tasks.

If your rising sign is Cancer, the full moon is inviting you to illuminate the emotional wounds you carry from your relationship with your children, your parenting, your romantic life, your hobbies, pleasures and the things that bring your joy, your creativity or creative projects that you have worked on in the past or are currently working on now or ones you plan to work on in the future.

If your rising sign is Leo, the full moon is inviting you to illuminate the emotional wounds you carry from your relationship with your parents, the foundations that grew you, your childhood, your ancestors or your home and living situation.

If your rising sign is Virgo, the full moon is inviting you to illuminate the emotional wounds you carry from elementary, junior or high school, your relationship with your siblings, teaching, communication, the goddess or nature-based rituals.  

If your rising sign is Libra, the full moon is inviting you to illuminate the emotional wounds you carry from your relationship with money, the way you earn a living, your income or livelihood or your sense of self-worth.

If your rising sign is Scorpio, the full moon is inviting you to illuminate the emotional wounds you carry from the areas of your life that have to do with your identity, your relationship with your body, your appearance or your spirit.

If your rising sign is Sagittarius, the full moon is inviting you to illuminate the emotional wounds you carry in your subconscious mind and those things you hide from yourself.

If your rising sign is Capricorn, the full moon is inviting you to illuminate the emotional wounds you carry from your friendships, how you feel in groups and community and your hopes and wishes.

If your rising sign is Aquarius, the full moon is inviting you to illuminate the emotional wounds you carry from your career, reputation or ideas of success.

If your rising sign is Pisces, the full moon is inviting you to illuminate the emotional wounds you carry from your faith, spiritual practices, long-distance travel or future success.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents the emotional wounds you’re tending to during this Scorpio full moon.


Today the full moon is in the sign of Scorpio. It is also having a happy relationship with the planet Saturn.

When the moon is in a happy relationship with the planet Saturn like it is today, it creates harmony between your emotions and your sense of discipline, responsibility, and maturity. I like to think of it as developing emotional maturity.

Saturn is often associated with the archetype of the Crone. The Crone represents wisdom, maturity, understanding, and the kind of insight that only comes with experience and age. This archetype embodies the idea of having lived through many challenges and having learned hard lessons, which imparts a deeper understanding of the world and a thoughtful approach to life’s difficulties.

When the Moon, which governs your emotional inner world, interacts positively with Saturn, it suggests an ability to manage your emotions with wisdom and patience. This encourages you to take a measured and mature approach to your feelings, allowing you to respond to emotional situations with a blend of sensitivity and sensibility. It helps in stabilizing emotions that might otherwise feel overwhelming or chaotic.

The influence of Saturn brings a level of discipline that can help you regulate your emotional responses. It teaches you the importance of setting boundaries, not only with others but within yourself, to prevent depletion or overwhelm. The moon and Saturn can help you feel more capable of handling your responsibilities without becoming emotionally drained.

Overall, when the moon is having a happy relationship with Saturn, it offers a period of emotional steadiness where the wisdom of the Crone can help you to foster resilience and maturity in handling your emotional needs and interactions.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents what the archetype of the Crone is teaching you today about your emotions.


The moon is still in the full phase but it moves into the sign of Sagittarius today. It is also having a happy relationship with Neptune, Pluto and Mars and an opposing relationship with Jupiter and Uranus. 

The moon is in the sign of Sagittarius today.

Have you ever woken up, taken a deep breath, and felt an invigorating zest for life? I get that feeling when I go camping and I step outside with my morning coffee. Well, today might just be one of those invigorating days, because the moon has entered the expansive sign of Sagittarius. Imagine the moon donning an archer’s bow ready to launch you into new adventures and horizons.

Sagittarius carries the expansive and benevolent energy of its ruling planet, Jupiter. This gives us a dose of optimism, humor, and a deep hunger for knowledge. Sagittarius doesn’t just want us to learn; it nudges us to experience — to dive head-first into the world, tasting its various flavors, and emerging wiser and more enriched.

It’s like being given a passport to travel emotional and spiritual terrains that you’ve hesitated to explore before. Being a fire sign, Sagittarius sparks our passion. It’s a sign that wears its heart on its sleeve, laughing a little louder and dreaming a bit bigger. But, true to its adventurous spirit, Sagittarius can sometimes get lost in all the possibilities, trying to chase every horizon, every dream.

In the spirit of Sagittarius, let’s delve into the world of possibilities in your art journal.

Draw, paint, or collage various ‘Paths of Possibilities’ in your art journal. Imagine each path as a different adventure or experience you want to undertake. It could be as grand as running your own farm or as simple as learning a new skill. Let your imagination roam free, and remember, the goal isn’t to commit to every path but to explore possibilities.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage a page that represents different paths of possibility you imagine traveling in the future.


The moon is still in the full phase and in the sign of Sagittarius. 

The full moon is viewed as a time of peak illumination, both literally and metaphorically. It represents the culmination of the lunar cycle, when the moon is fully illuminated by the sun and its light is brightest in the night sky. This brightness is symbolic of bringing light to the darkness, making the full moon an ideal time for revealing the unseen and illuminating hidden truths.

The full moon illuminates. It is believed to enhance intuition and deepen emotional insights, making it a powerful time for reflection, decision-making, and divination. Divination practices, such as tarot readings, rune casting, or using pendulums, are particularly potent during the full moon because the heightened energy is thought to enhance the connection between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

Practicing divination during a full moon is helpful because this phase of the moon is associated with increased clarity and awareness. The full moon’s light can symbolically help to ‘light up’ aspects of your life that are not usually clear, providing insights into paths and choices. As emotions are more intense and intuition is heightened during this time, responses to divination tend to be more pronounced and easier to interpret. This makes it an excellent time to seek guidance on personal dilemmas, understand deeper subconscious messages, and gain spiritual wisdom.

Furthermore, the full moon’s influence in illuminating the hidden makes it an ideal time to uncover and confront issues or blocks that you may not have been aware of or have avoided. The clarity brought by the full moon can help in understanding these deeper issues.

The full moon’s qualities of illumination reveals the unknown which helps you navigate life’s complexities, and enriches spiritual and emotional insights, making the unseen seen and guiding you towards greater understanding and clarity.

In your art journal, pull a tarot or oracle card then create an image that represents the message you received from that card.


The disseminating moon is in the sign of Sagittarius. It is also having a happy relationship with Venus and Mercury and a tense relationship with Saturn and Mars.

This phase is when the moon is just starting to become smaller.  It is a time to rest, relax and rejuvenate and move inward and focus on self.  This isn’t a time to start anything new. It’s a time to reflect. It’s a great time for expressing your devotion to Spirit and for presenting offerings to your Divine helpers, your ancestors or the Earth.

It’s also a great time to share the wisdom and knowledge you’ve harvested. There’s a generosity or giving back quality to the waning phases of the moon. We’re taking note of the bounty we received as the moon was growing in power and feeling grateful and wanting to share what we learned or received with the people we love and care about or with a greater community we feel connected to.

There’s also a releasing and letting go that happens in the waning phases. It’s a good time to look back on everything that has happened since the new moon and reflect on the abundance you received during the full moon. What were your intentions during the new moon? Did they manifest in your life yet? If they didn’t, did you witness tiny shoots starting to grow in the direction of your dreams?

Think of the disseminating moon like the beginning of a great satisfying exhale. Reflect on what you need to release or let go or who it is time to forgive (including yourself) in order to support your new moon intentions manifesting solidly and confidently in your life. 

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents something you are ready to forgive yourself for.


The disseminating moon is in the sign of Capricorn.

In ancient astrology, Capricorn is an earth sign, which emphasizes stability, responsibility, and practicality and highlights such qualities as groundedness, persistence, and a strong connection to the physical and natural world.

The Crone archetype, embodied by the wise old woman, and Hecate, the goddess of magic, crossroads, and deep intuition, both reflect Capricorn’s spiritual depth. These figures represent wisdom that comes with experience, the ability to navigate transitions and endings, and the power to transform and rebirth. The moon in Capricorn activates these archetypes, urging us to embrace the wisdom of letting go, the importance of life’s cycles, and the value of introspection and inner guidance.

The moon in Capricorn teaches us about the cycle of life—acknowledging that endings are a natural and necessary part of growth and transformation. It encourages you to respect the process of aging, to honor the wisdom that comes with experience, and to understand the power of your own inner guidance as you navigate the complexities of life.

It’s a time to set realistic goals, to plan for the future with a clear and practical mind, and to honor the wisdom you’ve gained through your life’s challenges and transitions. The energy of Capricorn invites you to build a solid foundation, to respect the limits of the physical world, and to work patiently and persistently towards your goals.

Engaging in practices in your art that connect you to the earth, such as painting leaves, gardens, or crystals, can help you tap into Capricorn’s grounding energy. You can also reflect on your life’s journey and acknowledge the lessons you’ve learned.

The moon in Capricorn is also a time to honor the wisdom of age, the necessity of endings, and the transformative power of introspection and practical planning. By grounding yourself, respecting the cycles of life, and aligning your actions with your inner wisdom, you can navigate life’s challenges with grace and build a strong, stable foundation for your future.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that helps you feel connected to the element of earth.

Have fun with your art journal and the moon this week.

with love,

Dana da Ponte



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