New Moon Vision Board

I made a vision board that smells a lot better than it looks – but it feels more magical than any other vision board I’ve created before. I painted the background with sugar and spice and with each layer I prayed, spoke my desires aloud, talked through the internal garbage that was standing in the way of what I want and pushed myself to imagine more for myself and the world.

It was cathartic. Aromatic. Sticky. Soulful. And a perfect art ritual for the fall.

If you’re like me and you like ceremony, art and using vision boards to help you clarify your heart’s desires, you might want to try this messy but sugar-coated spell. I did mine with a friend. Here’s how we did it:

spicesStep 1

We prepared all our “paints” – which were simply spices and herbs that we mixed with a bit of water. The spices and herbs we chose were ones whose magical properties align with our intentions for the painting – prosperity, adventure and business success. We referred to this article for a list of the properties of herbs and spices. Here is a list of the herbs and spices we used:

  1. Ginger: draws adventure and new experiences, promotes prosperity and success and adds strength and speed to any mixture it is part of.
  2. Cinnamon: draws money, attracts things, stimulate psychic power and success
  3. Paprika: use to add energy
  4. Nutmeg: attracts money, prosperity and good luck
  5. Sugar: attracts what you desire to you
  6. Cloves: attracts money, cleans the aura and raises the spiritual vibration of the painting
  7. Coffee: helps to dispel negative thoughts, helps overcome internal blockages and is grounding
  8. Gold: Attracts money
  9. Mix of Grains: symbolizes abundance
  10. Sesame: money and passion
  11. Pumpkin Seeds: abundance


Step 2

We prepared our work space, lit a candle and pulled some tarot cards to try and tune into what spirit might have to say about our visioning and our businesses.


Step 3

We applied our ginger paint as the first layer of the painting. As we painted, we each took turns talking about what kinds of adventures we wanted to experience in our personal and professional lives. Time slowed down as we allowed ourselves to really reach deep within our hearts and communicate what was authentic and real. Praying and painting is what it felt like to me.


Step 4

The next layer was cinnamon and we loved the way it made our canvas look and smell. As we painted, we each took turns talking about how important following our intuition was as women entrepreneurs and we shared how we could trust our inner wise woman more in our work.


Step 5

Sugar came next and we loved the way it helped the spices stick to the canvas. As we lathered the canvas with coconut sugar, we tried to get a little more specific about all the sweet experiences we wanted to call into our lives. This is when I wanted to lick my canvas.


Step 6

We added paprika, cloves and gold flecks. Again, with each layer we took turns speaking our prayers aloud.  I think we both like the bling because we got pretty excited putting the gold on and we just kept wanting to add more.


Step 7

We glued on our vision board images. They were a collection of images that represented our prayers for our personal and professional lives. Once our images were glued on we added layers of coffee and spices to blend everything together. And again we applied each layer while we communicated our intentions.


Step 8

The seeds and grains were glued on next. We chose to glue them in mandala shapes. Following the same procedure as the last layers, we were intentional about it and spoke our prayers as we set the seeds and grains in place.


Step 9

We finished the piece off with metallic paints to keep in theme with prosperity and abundance.


It’s not the most beautiful work of art I’ve created but it definitely is the most aromatic and powerful.




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