Moon Art Magic 101

An 8 week LIVE online course that teaches you how to practice moon rituals in your art journal


In this class you will learn:

  • how each phase of the moon can help you
  • how to align with the moon using your art journal
  • how to create your own full and new moon rituals in your art journal
  • how to use the moon cycles to help you heal your inner child
  • how to use the moon cycles to help you stand in your power
  • how to use the moon to help you reach your goals

It’s time to create magic!


Dear creative friends,

Seven years ago, my life exploded in a mess of chaos and pain. The book I worked so hard to write with my mom wasn’t selling. The business I started with my best friend fell apart – it was the second time this happened to me. My close inner circle of friends no longer felt safe or friendly. And to top it all off, I became severely and mysteriously ill.

This is one of the first new moon paintings I created. It hangs in my office now. I imagined all the flowers were my creative gifts pouring out of me and finding homes all over the world. Seven years later I can say my art and intuitive gifts are being shared with people all over the globe. I wish I could whisper in my younger self’s ear and let her know her magic is real.

I felt lost. I wondered if there was something wrong with me. No matter how hard I tried I kept falling down and getting back up only to fall back down over and over again. Nothing seemed to work. It was exhausting. I thought, “Maybe these things I want just aren’t for me. Maybe I should stop wanting these things.”

Despite everything, I could not to give up. I hung on and keep going. It wasn’t logical and I was afraid people would judge me or think I was stupid. Who would keep risking so much for goals that just didn’t seem to be panning out? But I couldn’t give up. It just didn’t feel right. I had to figure out how to be well again and run a successful business doing what I love. I just couldn’t let my dreams die and my health deteriorate.

So I kept going.

I had to start all over again.

I started listening to my instincts. I wanted to paint so I did that. I wanted to align myself with the moon so I did that.

I kept praying and doing moon rituals and setting new goals and intentions. Every new and full moon I spent time digging deeper into my wild creative nature. I used the moon as my mirror. I let it teach me about myself. I used the full moon to release all the emotional and energetic garbage I was carrying. I’m a healer with a highly sensitive nervous system. I absorb a lot of information from other people and my environment. The regular full moon cleansings helped me feel lighter, clearer and more energized.

I would then use the new moon to claim my worth and revisit my goals. I had a loud inner critic and after the setbacks I experienced I needed a lot of encouragement and a constant reminder to keep me focused. My new moon rituals gave this to me.

I fell deeper into the natural rhythms that support me. I started following the lunar cycles more closely and added the other moon phases. I started to feel vibrant and alive and aligned with the life force surrounding me. I started sharing this creative relationship with the moon with other women. I hosted regular classes online and in my home where we combined moon art rituals with connecting to Spirit.

This is me with a few of the creative women who joined me in the Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circles I hosted in my home studio. Together we would art and connect to Spirit under the magic of the moon.

I came back to myself. My intuition strengthened and I started to know what steps to follow next.

I no longer lose myself in unhealthy relationships. I know how to set boundaries without feeling small or guilty. My emotions and my highly sensitive nature are being tended to in every moon phase. I have a strong, beautiful business that helps me share my gifts with the world. I spend my days doing what I love and I’m working on my first solo book. I know who I am and what I want and I know how to make sure I don’t stay stuck. There are several factors that led me here but my creative relationship with the moon is one of the important ones.

And I did it all while learning how to manage an autoimmune disorder.

I’m now really passionate about helping other highly sensitive empaths learn how to wield their magic and align with the natural rhythms that are here to support them.

Count me in!

I’m ready to trust myself and stand in my power by learning how to create the life I want with the moon!

Register Here

Cost is $297 CAD

Doors close on Sunday, April 18, 2021 at midnight

We meet online every Monday night at 7pm MDT from April 19th to June 14th (there is no class on May 24th)

I will take you through the steps I find most helpful when working with the moon to heal emotional wounds and create the results you want to see in your life.

This is a little what it looks like.

A Sneak Peek of What We’ll Cover Together…

(Since it’s my first time giving this particular course and I’m intuitive by nature, the agenda could possibly shift and change a bit as we go along but this is where I’m currently planning to lead us.)

Week 1

  • Clearing and releasing techniques to better connect to your intuition
  • Three ways to get YES and NO answers from Spirit
  • BONUS: A Moon Mapping art session for Clearing and Releasing

Week 2

  • What trauma and your nervous system has to do with magic
  • Grounding techniques
  • BONUS: A Moon Mapping session for activating your ventral vagus nerve

Week 3

  • Calling in the directions and elements in your art journal
  • Moon goddesses and angels
  • BONUS: A Moon Mapping session for clearing blocks to trusting your intuition

Week 4

  • Casting circles in your art journal
  • Intention setting
  • BONUS: A Moon Mapping art session for psychic protection

Week 5

  • The eight moon phases and how to use them in your art magic
  • Dana’s step-by-step process for creating journal pages
  • Painting the background for the moon phases journal page

Week 6

  • The eight moon archetypes
  • Painting the eight moon phases

Week 7

  • Your personal birth moon phase
  • Your personal birth moon archetype
  • How to use your personal birth moon information throughout the year

Week 8

  • Bringing it all together for a moon art ritual

no art experience necessary

I’m in!

I’m ready to align with the lunar cycles that are here to support me!

Register Here

Cost is $297 CAD

Doors close on Sunday, April 18, 2021 at midnight

We meet online every Monday night at 7pm MDT from April 19th to June 14th (there is no class on May 24th)

What if I miss the live class?

The classes will be recorded and available until the end of June.

What if I’ve never painted before?

You do not have to paint to complete your moon art ritual. You can use pencil crayons or whatever you have handy. I even blend a lot of collage into what I create. There are no rules. During a moon art ritual, the process is more important than the finished product. There is no art experience necessary to enjoy this class.

What are the Bonus Moon Mapping sessions?

Moon Mapping sessions are where I work with the MAP Method to teach your subconscious mind how to clear and neutralize emotional triggers and negative beliefs for you. These sessions are optional and will be happening at the end of class but I strongly encourage you to join us. We’ll be working on anchoring the learning from the class. You can learn more about the Moon Mapping sessions by visiting The Moon Mapping Year on my site.

This is for you if:

  • you value creativity and intuition especially in spirituality and don’t feel the need to impose your rules on other people
  • you value your emotions
  • you are an adventurous person who isn’t afraid of letting their inner five year old come out and play
  • you want to learn more about the moon phases and how to create with them

This is not for you if:

  • you are uncomfortable with witchy things
  • you are impatient with people who don’t get all the details just right (I’m a creative intuitive with a lot of gifts but getting all the details just right isn’t one of them and this is my first time delivering this material in this way so patience and kindness is necessary.)
  • you believe there is a right way to practice spirituality or moon magic and a wrong way
  • you are uncomfortable connecting with your Spirit Guides or Angels


  • I’m a professional intuitive with over 20 years experience and clients from all over the world
  • I help highly sensitive empaths go from feeling overwhelmed and stuck to feeling clear and ready to take action on their dreams
  • I’m a certified MAP practitioner
  • I’m trauma informed
  • I led in person and online Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circles for over 5 years
  • I also specialize in helping women and those who significantly identify as such in healing from difficult childhood mother-daughter relationships
  • I live in a beautiful mountain town with my husband and dog.
  • A well-kept secret (until now) – Every week I drive to the local yoga studio NOT to do yoga but to buy TWO chocolate chip tahini cookies because they’re the only treat that works with my autoimmune diet.

no art experience necessary

I’m in!

I’m ready to align with the lunar cycles that are here to support me!

Register Here

Cost is $297 CAD

Doors close on Sunday, April 18, 2021 at midnight

We meet online every Monday night at 7pm MDT from April 19th to June 14th (there is no class on May 24th)



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