How I Started Talking to Angels, by Dana da Ponte,

How I Started Talking to Angels

If you’re new or you’re not familiar with my past, you may not know that many moons ago I started hearing angels.

I was 25 and pregnant with my son at the time. I was not a hippie. I was not in New Age circles. In fact, I had just finished my teaching degree and was helping my dad set up a manufacturing company. My social circles were the farthest thing from woo woo you could imagine.

Then one day, I was at my parents’ house when someone called for my mother. My mom was out so I took a message.

All of sudden, I heard this inner voice saying, “Write this down.”

I was shaking. I felt a little scared but I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing. The voice said, “Tell her this…” Then it proceeded to speak about cancer and being afraid and that there was nothing to worry about and that although the end may be near there was so much love. I wrote everything I was ‘hearing’ down.

The inner voice stopped as quickly as it began.

Its last words were, “Show this to your mother. She will know who this is for.”

The only background knowledge I had about what just happened came from my mother who experienced a similar event three months prior to this. But still my brain couldn’t wrap itself around what had just happened. I just stared at the message. I was struck dumb. I didn’t expect that to happen. My heart was beating fast. I was nervous to show my mother. What would she think? I know something similar had just happened to her but still, the thought of sharing the message with anyone scared me.

But I did it anyway.

When my mother came home I told her someone had called for her. I then told her I received a message from the angels who told me she would know who it was for. I handed her the message but left right away. I didn’t want to be in the room when she read it.

She came in a half hour later and said,

“You won’t believe it! The woman who called is a friend of mine. She was calling because she just received news that her cancer is back. She’s been in remission but things don’t look good now. I instantly knew the message you received was for her so I read it to her. She cried so much. She’s going to call you to thank you.”

I received another message a few days later.

Again whoever was communicating with me said, “Your mother will know who this is for.” I handed the message to her and this time stayed in the room while she read it. She said, “This is strange but I think this message is for an old friend of mine. I haven’t spoken to her for twenty years. This is going to be hard to do but I’ll call her up and read this to her.”

My mom did just that and her friend explained how the same evening the angels sent me the message was the very night she herself was contemplating suicide. She felt like the message I received was speaking directly to what was going on in her mind at her lowest point.  The questions and prayers she had spoken that dark night when she hit bottom were being directly answered. I didn’t know what to say. It was all so surreal for me.

The voice asked me if I would like to continue receiving messages. I said yes.

I became a scribe of sorts, I guess. Over time, I learned the voice was my angel, Cassandra. Other people’s angels and/or spirit guides would be hanging around. I could sense them but they never spoke to me directly at that point. In the beginning, they spoke to Cassandra who would relay the message to me. She would say, “This is for so and so” then proceed to give me the first and last name of a complete stranger and a message I was to deliver to them. I had to look these people up in the phone book. I would call, introduce myself, explain what happened and, to determine if I was talking to the right person, I would ask if the way they were described to me was accurate. They would say yes then I would ask them if they wanted to hear the message I had received for them.

I was shaking in my boots each and every time I had to do this. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I’m pretty shy and I care way too much what people think. I was so scared of what they would do. But each time I did it despite my fears and it always turned out beautiful…like catching a glimpse of heaven.

To make what has already become too long of a story shorter, I continued to receive messages in writing. People started asking me to do it for them. It became my profession. I quickly moved from doing it in writing to receiving the messages by meeting my clients in person, holding their hands, closing my eyes and speaking out loud what I was seeing or hearing (which is called channeling). I channeled the angels for 8 years.

As abruptly as it started, I was told it was time to stop. I was told I needed to work on me. For the last 7 years that’s what I’ve been doing. I meditated. I studied Advaita and A Course in Miracles. I healed my marriage, my co-dependent tendencies, I learned how to feel peace through depression, I experienced the bliss that can be found in dropping the mind, I learned how to nurture and care for myself and I learned how to embrace and set a new, softer pace for my life. I found myself and my own wings.

About a month ago, I heard another inner voice. It wasn’t Cassandra. I’m actually not sure yet who it was but it asked me if I would devote the rest of my professional life to Divine Mother. Again, I was left feeling a little dumbfounded. I don’t really know who Divine Mother is. I have a vague idea but no strong knowledge or intimate experience with anything I would call Divine Mother but without thinking, I said YES.

Ahhhh!!! What have I done?

The truth is, I’m not really sure. I know it will all make sense in time though. It always does.

In the meantime, the inner voice asked if I would like to channel again.  I actually thought I was done with all that but apparently I am not because I said yes.  (Do you notice a pattern with this yes word? It’s a pretty powerful little word I’m learning.)

So that is how I began and it is how I have come back full circle to play with the angels, goddesses and spirit guides again. Life is unpredictable but I’m finding there is so much magic in the twists and turns.

If you are interested in booking a channeled reading, I offer a 60 minute session for $140 (+ gst where applicable). I do readings in person in my home near Bragg Creek, Alberta or online in my private Zoom meeting work. If you are interested, book here.

I’m just easing my way back into channeling and I want to do that in a way that is kind and gentle… both to myself and to you.

Please only contact me about booking a reading if:

  • you are okay to go with the flow. I have no idea how things will unfold but I do promise you that you will not be asked to pay unless we are both happy with how our time together unfolded.
  • you can come with a sense of play and adventure. I find the best way to connect with your spirit guides and angels is to have no real agenda of your own…just a trust that you will hear what you are meant to hear and that it is sometimes for reasons you can’t even know in the moment. I’ve had people come to me years later tell me that at the time of our reading they didn’t really understand what a certain message in their session meant but much later on in their lives it made so much sense and they could see why they were given that information beforehand.
  • you can release expectations. Maybe we’ll have a deeply magical time. Maybe it won’t be all fireworks and lightning. Every session is different but sometimes what you really need isn’t lightning and fireworks. Sometimes what you really need is for someone to set you straight. It all depends on where you are at and where I am at. Hopefully you and I will come together and dance like two people who’ve danced together many times before but the truth is, there are no guarantees with this kind of thing. Just a willingness to release it to the heavens and trust whatever happens.

If you aren’t interested in booking a reading, don’t worry. I have all sorts of other kinds of magic hiding around on my website like art that celebrates magic and motherhood and a sisterhood circle where we play with art and Spirit. Take a look around and see if anything piques your interest.

From Dana, With Love

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