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A Pretty Way to Ask Your Angels for Help

Story Art Project #2 – Angel Wing Wishes

A step-by-step guide to creating a jar of paper angel wing wishes

This morning I awoke with an anxious knot in my belly. I wasn’t aware of what was bothering me but my tummy was showing me there was indeed something I was upset about. I spent my morning meditation attempting to unravel the knot. I focused on my breath. I sunk as deep into relaxation as I could. My body felt better but the knot was still there and no matter what I did…or didn’t do…I couldn’t loosen the lump of emotions sitting in my belly.

Finally it dawned on me to ask my angel Cassandra for help.

If you are new to my blog or my work, you might not know I talk to angels. You can read a little more about that here, here or here. As soon as I asked Cassandra for help, an image of her sitting on concrete steps inviting my inner child to sit with her came to mind. In the visualization, she was comforting me and telling me everything’s going to be okay and she will never leave. Upon hearing her words, I burst into tears.

As I’ve explained in the past, friendship is an area of my life where I sometimes struggle. I’ve experienced a lot of grief and loss in that area of my life. (You can read more about that challenging history of mine here if you’re curious.) I didn’t realize the idea of losing people I love was what was upsetting me but as soon as I asked for help, Cassandra brought me right to my wound and proceeded to soothe and comfort me. In that moment it dawned on me that Cassandra is different than all my other spiritual helpers.

We all come from varied cultural backgrounds and each of us has our unique spirituality.

My spirituality is as eclectic as a handmade quilt pieced together from scraps of old clothing. I resonate with many truths; some borrowed, some ancient and some all my own. I have awesome moments where I feel connected to what I can only describe as God. I also have transcendent moments where I feel Jesus’ love and wisdom pour over me and my magical moments with Mother Mary are too numerous to count, as is the help I’ve received from Archangel Michael, Quan Yin and the many other spiritual advisors, healers and/or masters I’ve been fortunate enough to know. But none of them share the kind of relationship I share with Cassandra. My relationship with her could be compared to all the happy moments I’ve had with my women friends over the years. The bitching sessions, the deep, philosophical conversations, the teasing, the laughter, the tears and the joy. She’s an angel that feels like a best friend. That is what is so unique about her. I relate to her in a way I don’t relate to any other of my spiritual helpers.  She feels like a soul sister and that is why I started to cry when I heard her remind me she isn’t going anywhere – ever.  I’ll never have to experience losing her as I’ve experienced losing people I love and that was exactly the comfort I needed to release the knot of emotions that had bound itself in the pit of my stomach.

The truth is loss is a part of life and it’s important to me that I learn to be present with it but it also helps to be reminded that just as temporary and impermanent as things are in my worldly experience, there are permanent and lasting experiences of love to be had also. In fact, love itself never dies.

I know a lot of people would feel my relationship with Cassandra (or any of my spiritual helpers) is all in my imagination but so what if it is? Does that diminish it in any way? No. Does it make it less helpful and magical? No. Does it erase all the hours I spent receiving support, encouragement, love, insight and clarity? No.

I wish everyone developed a friendship with their guardian angel…even if it is just in their imagination.

If you’d still like help connecting to your angels, I invite you to book an Intuitive Reading. You will receive so much insight and clarity in one hour. It’s amazing what we can accomplish with spirit as our guide. Book your reading here.

If booking an Intuitive Reading doesn’t work for you right now, you might really enjoy the Story Art journey I created this week. It’s called Angel Wing Wishes and it is a creative way to write your prayers, wishes or intentions.

Angel Wing Wishes nov 2015 2

I like to imagine that as you write your prayer or wish onto your paper angel wings, your guardian angel carries your pretty paper wish and flies it to wherever it needs to go to be answered.

If you don’t believe in guardian angels, you can still benefit from this pretty project. It’s a great way to write your intentions, wishes or spiritual requests and collect them. Imagine a year’s worth of your heart’s deepest wishes sitting in a jar. How insightful would it be to read those over? It’s also looks great on an altar or as an addition to your daily spiritual practice.

It also makes a heart-felt gift

Angel Wing Wishes nov 2015 3

If you would like to give a pretty jar of Angel Wing Wishes as a gift, instead of concentrating on your personal needs, write a prayer, intention or wish you have for the person you would like to gift your Angel Wing Wishes to.

As you are writing, imagine you are asking his/her guardian angel to carry your heart’s desire on their wings and fly it to wherever it needs to go to be answered.

When the person receives your gift, they will get the joy of unfolding each prayer/wish/intention you sent out into the Universe personally for them.

Download the instructions here:

Story Art 2 Nov 2015 Angel Wing Wishes

Here’s a quick video showing you how easy it is.



With love,

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