Planting Roots of Intention with the New Moon

Planting Roots of Intention with the New Moon

This is an art ritual to perform during the new moon.  It will help you set clear and specific intentions and learn how to use your energy to best reach your goals. Scroll down for printable step-by-step instructions.

This month I started my training to become a certified M.A.P (Manifesting All Possibilities) instructor. As my followers on Instagram and Facebook know, since attending University to become an art and English teacher I’ve never taken any other formal training. The day I started hearing angels was the day they became my teachers and mentors and I’ve spent 20 years letting them teach and guide me to become the healer I am today. Even if learning a particular modality or studying under a certain teacher piqued my interest, I could never commit because it never felt right. Instead, my angels encouraged me to trust my process and stay on my path and continue to grow in my organic, intuitive way with my angels, spirit guides and Divine Mother.

This is why I was surprised a couple months ago, when I was reading a post a fellow Moon Sister shared on Facebook about a new training and I heard clear as a bell the words, “Do This”. I read the post again and thought, “Really? You want me to learn this? Now?” And a clear and emphatic “Yes!” was the response.

I’m only the first week in but I’m starting to see how my M.A.P. training will weave so well with the healing I offer through the angels. I think every intuitive healer is a little different from another and the teams they work with from the world of spirit are as unique as they are. My angels and my team of spirit helpers are very much concerned with two things – our hearts and our subconscious mind because those are the two things most often in the way from us living from Love and in line with our Spirits.

To me, following their guidance when helping clients heal feels like what I imagine studying under psychologists and spiritual gurus might be like. They’ve taught me that happiness comes from listening to my heart and learning how to take tender care of it so that my life can then be lived in full alignment with my Spirit and who I really am. When this happens, what my soul came here to experience and do is honored and fulfilled and I feel a profound sense of joy and love. But listening to our hearts and taking tender care of them can be so hard to do when we’ve experienced trauma or are carrying unhealed baggage from our past and unfortunately everyone is carrying baggage from their past.

We can’t be who our souls long for us to be if we have gaping emotional voids or if an unhealed memory buried in our subconscious mind is in complete contradiction of what we’re trying to achieve or who we’re trying to become. The heart and the subconscious mind will always win. Your conscious mind and will power don’t stand a chance against those two mega powers.

The therapy approach I developed addresses the gaping emotional voids that veer us off track and my clients have experienced amazing results learning how to heal those but now I’ll also be able to easily treat the subconscious mind too. This is so exciting for me since the M.A.P approach is definitely my favorite approach to healing the subconscious mind. It produced massive results for me in the most gentle and easy way and I’m so excited to witness the results it inspires in my clients too. Yes, I know, I’m super excited right now but I can’t help it. I just keep thinking of my Moon Sisters and my clients and I know exactly which ones I’ll be using M.A.P on as soon as I’m ready. If you want to try it out or are ready to address things that may be blocking you from moving forward in some area of your life, you can book a session now and save $50 by clicking the link below and entering the coupon code SUMMERHEALING. This offer will only be available for a limited time.

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If you’re not ready to book a session, you may want to try this art ritual at the next new moon.  It’s an easy step-by-step process that I learned in my M.A.P. training with Colette and Val Streicher and weaved with art and ritual because it’s a perfect fit for new moon or waxing crescent energy.

Before sharing the instructions of this art ritual in more detail, I want to remind you that when engaging in one of my art rituals, there are a few steps I perform before I sit down to do the writing, painting or creating part of my ritual. They include gathering my materials, clearing my mind and my physical space, inviting or calling in my spiritual helpers and setting boundaries or placing a circle of protection and blessing my tools and material. I outline these steps in more detail in my “Beginner’s Guide to Preparing for Art Rituals” which I send, along with other helpful goodies, when you subscribe to my Moon Sisters Art and Ritual Magazine.  If you would like the guide delivered to your inbox, you can subscribe to the magazine on my home page.

This is a relatively simple art ritual and remember, it’s not about the end result. It’s about the process so don’t worry about creating a perfect piece of art. Just relax and step into your inner five year old state of creativity.

This is what I gathered together and used for this art ritual:

  • water
  • acrylic ink sprays
  • markers
  • watercolor paper
  • watercolor brush
  • black ink
  • white paper
  • gel pens

After you’ve gathered your materials, created your sacred space, cleared, protected and invited Spirit to guide you, it’s time to create the background for your painting. I used acrylic ink sprays on watercolor paper. I started by spraying yellows, greens and blues then I sprayed a mixture of water and bleach. Then I painted with water which lifts some of the color off and leaves the design I painted. I also sprayed over some stencils and played around with effects until I achieved something I liked.

Oh and I also put hand prints all over my background after spraying the palm of my hands with ink. This is my hand after I washed and scrubbed it. I forgot how hard ink is to remove. My husband saw my blue hand at the supper table and made a comment I won’t repeat but let me just say it has something to do with being naughty with a Smurf.

Next I drew the outline of a tree with roots. In my M.A.P. training, Colette and Val Streicher use the symbolism of a tree to outline the three steps of their magnetization process and after you are finished your art ritual you will see how powerful having an actual visual representation of a tree holding your thoughts and feelings is.

Next, it’s time to create the pages you will use for the leaves. You will need 5 – 8 pieces of white paper. I used simple photocopy paper because this isn’t a professional art piece. It’s just for my own personal use and the art I create during ritual is often temporary. I keep it up for as long as it’s relevant but I dispose if it after I no longer need that specific magic working in my life.

I created my decorative paper by once again playing and experimenting with the acrylic ink sprays. I used warm colors since my background was created with cool colors.

When my pages were dry, I ripped leaf-like shapes out of each one. Rip these large enough for you to write one or two words on and rip as many leaves as you’d like to cover the branches of your tree.

This next step of the art ritual is the first step in the magnetization process. Think of the goal you are working towards or the intention you want to set or the prayer you want to send out to Spirit. Then, think of all the results or outcomes you want to experience when that dream becomes reality or if and when that prayer is answered. What results will it create in your life? What will be different? What will you experience more of? What will grow in your life?

With a gel pen or marker, write a word on each leaf you ripped out that describes one of the results or outcomes you want to experience. Trust that you ripped out the number of leaves you did and continue to find a word to fit on each leaf until all the leaves have at least one word written on them.

The next step is the trunk of your vision or intention. It is the solid structure upon which your dream is held. It is focused and confident. Capture your dream, goal or prayer in one sentence and write it on the trunk of the tree. I used a silver marker to write mine and as you can see, I didn’t quite leave enough room to write my long word.

The last step in the magnetization process is to think about how achieving your goal will make you feel. With the black ink, I wrote all the words that captured the emotions I will feel. These feelings are what will feed my dreams and intentions and, in my work, they are what I really want anyway. The great thing about figuring out which feelings I want is I can start focusing on them right away. I don’t need anything in my external environment to change before changing my internal environment of thoughts and feelings.

The last step is to glue the leaves onto the branches of your tree.

When I was done I was left with a beautiful tree that captures my intentions and reminds me to do things now that evoke the feelings I imagine will also come when my intention is manifested. If it doesn’t feel like ease, joy, magic, play, flow and living from my Spirit then it is something I should reconsider, avoid or gives as little attention to as possible. The best use of your time and energy is to focus on feeling the kind of emotions you listed at the roots of the tree. Let those emotions guide you toward accomplishing your goal or making your dreams a reality.
Below are the step-by-step instructions of this ritual in a format you can print for your convenience. If you do perform this ritual publicly or share photos of the ritual or perform the ritual with a group, please respect the work of this artist and creator by mentioning the source and/or providing a link back to this original post. Also, if you end up performing this ritual, I’d love to see what you completed. You can even post the finished piece on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #danasartrituals or email me at and share with me how it went.

with love,

Dana da Ponte



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