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How Spirit Soothes My Sensitive Soul

A Discussion about Anxiety and the Way Spirit Helps Me Care for My Sensitive Nature

Most people who join my Moon Sister Art and Ceremony Circles are what I suspect to be sensitive souls. Sensitive people are proven to be neurologically wired differently than everyone else.  They are wired in ways that make them more physically and emotionally sensitive. These sensitivities affect their bodies, minds and their energy systems and more often than not, they aren’t even aware this is happening so the effects pile up over the years and wreak havoc on their physical, mental and emotional well-being. This happened to me.

I mismanaged my own sensitive nature because I wasn’t aware of how to take care of my unique needs, I downplayed my reactions, I belittled my own experience and I just wanted to be like everyone else around me. But I’m not like most people I know so expecting myself to be ‘normal’ only made my body break down.

One of the symptoms I experience as a sensitive person is anxiety. When my system is out of balance, my anxiety is especially difficult to manage. Severe anxiety can be such a debilitating condition. To me, it feels like it makes my world grow smaller and smaller because when my sensitivities are heightened even simple things can set me off like the sound of people talking or the strong scent of perfume.

Until I build my nervous system back up, I have to manage my sensitivities in my everyday life so I don’t throw my body into trauma. It’s caused me to learn how to plan ahead, ask for help, set firm boundaries and spend less time with people who are insensitive, lack compassion or tend to be annoyed with my sensitivities or judge me for them.

It’s also taught me that my connection to my angels and Spirit is a great resource for a highly sensitive person to have. A highly sensitive person absorbs more information from the environment than most people do. This isn’t great when you’re in a room with angry, tense people but it’s absolutely fantastic when you’re sitting in a nurturing forest or enjoying the sun next to a clear, blue river. The Spirit of the natural world and Mother Earth soothes my anxious nervous system every single time. As I’m healing my body, I’m spending more time letting my aura soak up the healing energy of the sun, the moon, the water and the earth.

Spirit also helps me care for my anxious nature by speaking clear instructions about what I should or should not do. This doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s a big giant happy confirmation that I really am never alone and there are benevolent forces conspiring in my favor. This happened for me just the other day. I was starting to feel lonely and since my emotions tend to escalate quickly, I knew I had to address how I was feeling before my emotions became too big for my body to manage properly. I prayed for help and heard the words, “Message this person”. (They shared the name but for privacy sake I’ll keep it generic.” 

The suggestion was odd to me as I had never made plans with this person before but it was of course perfect. I made plans with that person then heard the words, “Message this person.” (Again there was a specific name but I’m keeping it generic here). I listened and invited that person over also. All three of us ended up having a wonderful evening by the fire and it was more than what I needed and my cup spilled over with connection and magic. In my Intuitive Readings or Intuitive Therapy Sessions, I usually receive clear instructions from the angels or Spirit for other people but it’s a rare and welcome occasion when I hear clear instructions specifically for me.

Another way Spirit cares for my sensitive nature is by preparing me for what might happen. Often, my imagination is far too vivid and creative so it can easily run away on me and cause me all kinds of worry before I even know the facts. Currently, I’ve been feeling excited but anxious about my new Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circles that are starting in September, 2018. The doors for early bird registration are now open and I was starting to feel nervous. Who would be joining us? Would the group dynamics be as magical as they have in the past? Would we have as much fun as my groups have had in the past? Would we experience as much sharing and healing?

I sat with these questions and instead of letting my worried thoughts run away on me, I took out a few of my favorite tarot and oracle decks and asked Spirit to answer my questions. These are the cards that came up:

The circular card is from the Spirit de la Lune deck and it spoke of flow and movement. It reminded me to ‘surrender to the rhythms of my heart’ which is exactly how I feel when I lead my Moon Sister Circles.  I feel as if I’m living my passion and serving Spirit and others in exactly the way my soul wants me to.

The Our Lady of Sacred Waters card is from the Mother Mary Oracle and the first words I read were as follows:

I bring you the blessing of moving forward through emotionally letting go. I honour and support your emotional life, helping you tap into its potential healing power. Dive into the sacred waters of your being and I will greet you as you emerge renewed and ready for the next stage of your life journey.

I smiled when I read those words because they seem to sum up exactly what my Moon Sisters Art and Ceremony Circles are all about. I lead women to emotionally nurture themselves and when they do they create miracles for themselves. I’ve witnessed these courageous women embody more of who they really are and as a consequence, invite these AMAZING changes to happen in their lives – all because they are no longer emotionally depleted, they are better able to set boundaries and listen to their own inner compass and they finally feel worthy of more good things in their lives and of being treated in ways that are loving because they are learning to treat themselves with more gentle care.

The last card is from my Beginner’s Guide to Tarot deck and it speaks of seeking divine guidance and remaining positive about the dreams and goals we strive for.

The guidance I received after asking Spirit for help and using my tarot and oracle cards reminded me that I’m on the right path, the circles will bring together the right people as they always do and there is magic working with me behind the scenes. My worries have been soothed and my soul feels comforted as it always does when I invite Spirit and my angels to guide and support me.

If you suspect you’re a highly sensitive person too, don’t forget Spirit is ready and willing to help soothe your anxieties and you can access that support by:

  • spending time in nature
  • listening to the signs and messages Spirit sends your way
  • and pulling a few tarot and/or oracle cards when you’re needing reassurance or guidance

with love,

Dana da Ponte




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