Art Journal with the Moon January 9 - 15 2023

Art Journal with the Moon for January 9 – 15, 2023

This is a summary of the moon’s energy for the upcoming week and the inner work and magic you can do in your art journal to make the most of the opportunities the cosmos is gifting us with.

Every week the emotional and magical opportunities the moon is sending you are different because the energy she is drawing down from the planets and stars changes moment to moment. Planets and stars and moon phases and moon signs each carry their own unique energy .This is my weekly update (Mon-Fri) of the moon’s comings and goings to support you in aligning with her energy.

Get your art journal or a scrap of paper you see lying around, your art supplies or those pencil crayons you have hidden away somewhere and have fun. Spend 10 – 20 minutes focusing on the themes the moon is supporting you to explore that day while you play with colors and shapes and watch what happens over time.

It’s amazing what a little consistent creative time can do.

A Few Thoughts Before We Get Started

I started watching the last season of “This is Us” while the full moon was in cancer. Was that a good idea? I don’t know. I kept crying. To be honest though, it might also be because the holidays are finally winding down for me. My boys are both leaving after having had them all to myself for such a deliciously long time.

I was blessed with a lot of sweet moments when they were here. We played games. I beat my son at Boggle a thousand times. He beat us at all the other games we played. They put up the tree. We saw family. We hugged. We laughed a lot. My husband drank too much with his brothers and sisters (always a good time). My son got a massive container of his favorite pasta to bring home from his grandma (something she’s been doing for him since he was five years old.) We had a yummy fondue – a yearly Christmas tradition my mom and Dad have been hosting for their kids for over forty years. I made my son breakfast almost every day (he read this and made me insert the word almost because there were two days while he was here that he had to make his own breakfast!). They took down the tree. My son built a canoe with his Dad (I’ll have to share pictures of this eventually because it’s amazing!). My son and I wrote side by side; he started a new book on his vintage typewriter, I wrote for the new course I just launched. I cooked a few royal feasts in my new air fryer (why did I not get one of those sooner?). We savored a lot of morning coffees. My house felt full.

This week my house will go quiet again. I have mixed feelings about that.

It’s nice to get back to routine. My body likes that but my heart always wants more of the good things in my life and they are most definitely the good things in my life.

Another really great thing in my life is YOU! I might not know you yet personally but I know you’re out there and I’d love to get to know you more because the people I work with one-on-one in my private sessions really are the other great thing in my life – as is my art and the moon, of course!

I’d love to be there for you emotionally and/or spiritually this year if that’s something you need. I know it’s not easy building relationships – at least not for me – even professional ones where you’re paying someone to support you in one way or another. Relationships are sacred and you should take your time building them – even, or maybe especially, the ones you seek out professionally to support you. In my work, I’ve been blessed to meet and become close to some amazing people. I was actually talking with a client this week about how, in this kind of professional support relationship, love grows. We end up caring deeply about the other person – the client for me and me for my client. It’s not a cut and dry thing, at least not for me and often not for them either.

Love takes root in sacred moments and unburdening your heart, connecting with your spirit guides and angels, tending to your inner child and reconnecting with your soul most definitely inspires the sacred – even in a professional moment like the ones I share with my clients.

I really like the people I work with. Like, not just a little bit. Love has definitely taken root in many of my professional relationships. How could it not? Most of my favorite clients are kind and funny. They are sensitive and considerate and they care about making the world a better place. Whether they seek my support to show up for their own clients in a stronger, clearer way or they want to heal themselves so the children they raise aren’t burdened with the same emotional baggage they’ve had to carry or they, like me, have a lot of trauma and emotional deprivation to tend to so they can heal their bodies, or they have a dream they really believe in but they need to clear the memories and beliefs that are blocking their success, they hire me because they want to show up in their lives in a way that makes life better for themselves and the people they love. How can I not fall in love with them? They also know consistent, dependable support is worth the investment.

And when I’m talking about investment, I’m not just talking about the financial investment they have to make to work with me. I also mean the time investment. Like any relationship, it takes time to build a deeply meaningful relationship even a professional one. And you have to show up! When you would rather sleep in or veg out or escape, you have to choose to show up for yourself and do the work! This isn’t easy. Spiritual work is for the brave. Surrendering to your subconscious mind and allowing it to lead the healing takes courage and faith. Being there for your younger parts who were abandoned and caring for them in a way they should have been cared for in the past and showing them they can trust you and YOU will never abandon them takes strength and commitment.

But it is so worth it, isn’t it? I know you know. I know you’ve been on your own healing journey and showing up for yourself for years and I hope you celebrate that this week – especially on Tuesday when the moon moves into the disseminating phase.

If you happen to be looking for someone to build a professional healing relationship with, I invite you to consider me. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but I might be someone you’d like on your team. I have a few openings this month for the FREE introductory session I offer called REACH YOUR GOALS WITH THE MOON. It’s free because I want you to get a full experience of me and my work before you decide whether or not we’re a good fit. And it’s a real session where you get a taste of what it’s like to work with the MAP Method and what it’s like to put your heart and your soul in my care.

It’s only available to those who haven’t worked with me before but if you haven’t and you’d like to give it a try or you’d just like to learn more, click here. Book now because I only have 12 spots available this month.

Sign up now.

In this 60 minute one-on-one session, we’ll clarify your goalconsult your birth moon and understand how it helps or hinder you and your goals and work with the MAP Method to rewire your brain and tend to an inner part that is not yet aligned with your goal. It’s a magical way to start the New Year and a great way to give a little gift to yourself. Only 12 spots available. <3


The moon is in a relationship with Saturn where it’s like they’re coming from opposite sides which can feel polarizing. It brings energy that is confrontational and intense which produces discomfort and sometimes even blocks and barriers.

The moon wants to illuminate the darkness, bring about change, be a mirror to reflect us back to ourselves and awaken our receptive and intuitive powers. She represents your body and emotions and reminds you that life is an ever-changing cycle of birth, death, decay and rebirth. She wants to bring kindness, nurturing, novelty and adaptability.

Saturn is associated with the earth element and it wants to bring responsibility, seriousness, deep thought, reflection, wisdom, strategy, maturity, structure, sensibility, frugality, discipline, routine and actions that inspire order in your life.

When they are in opposition like they are today Saturn can bring a heaviness to your emotional realm. It can leave you feeling isolated or lonely. You might have a more pessimistic attitude but you’re thinking might also be more grounded in reality which can be helpful when planning what actions need to be taken to support your new moon intentions in become a reality in your life. If you struggle with setting healthy boundaries in your life, you might notice something around this issue arising.

Think about your relationship with boundaries. When has setting boundaries been difficult for you?

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that represents what setting boundaries feels like to you.


Today the moon is in the disseminating phase. This phase is when the moon is just starting to become smaller.  It is a time to rest, relax and rejuvenate and move inward and focus on self. It’s a time to reflect. It’s a great time for expressing your devotion to Spirit and for presenting offerings to your Divine helpers, your ancestors or the Earth.

It’s also a great time to share the wisdom and knowledge you’ve harvested. There’s a generous or giving back quality to the waning phases of the moon. We’re taking note of everything we received as the moon was growing in power and feeling grateful and wanting to share what we learned or received with the people we love and care about or with a greater community we feel connected to.

How do you feel acknowledging your wisdom or your accomplishments?

What accomplishment can you celebrate today?

Take a moment to think about something you are proud of yourself for accomplishing.

In your art journal, create a page where you celebrate one of your accomplishments.


The moon moves into the sign of Virgo today. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury so it’s carrying a little of that planet’s energy as well.

Virgo energy is nocturnal and of the earth. It is mutable and versatile. It supports you in being efficient and organized. It wants to help you find the most effective way of doing things. It brings practicality, attention to detail, a love of quality and precision but it can cause you to get lost in the details.

When the moon is in Virgo, it’s the perfect time for review and adjustments.

Do you like what you’ve been creating in your life lately?

You’re not in control of creating everything you experience in your life but of the things you do have control over, which situations and experiences that you’ve been creating do you enjoy and which situations and experiences have you not been enjoying?

If you don’t like what you’re creating, what adjustments can you make?

In your art journal, create an image that represents an adjustment you’d like to make in your life.


The moon moves into the sign of Libra later in the day. Libra is ruled by Venus so the moon is carrying a little of that planet’s energy in the evening as well.

Libra is an air sign. It is fluid and dynamic. It brings energy that is soft, beautiful and artistic. It likes to help you be sociable and enjoy friendships, gatherings and groups. It also likes to keep things balanced and looks for equality in relationships. It brings an energy of acceptance and understanding but it can also be too outwardly focused or, in other words, have you focusing on other people’s needs at the expense of honoring your own feelings and needs.

Let’s magnetize the helpful energy Libra brings.

Think about one of the beautiful relationships you have in your life – you know, one of those relationships where you feel accepted for who you are. One of the relationships in your life that is easier and smoother than other relationships in your life.

 What do you like about that smoother and easier relationship?

What does equality look like in that relationship?

What does having harmony in that relationship feel like to you?

In your art journal, create an image that celebrates one of your favorite relationships.


The moon is in a trine, or in other words, a harmonious relationship with the beautiful planet Venus today.

Venus is associated with fertility and growth and represents beauty, grace, softness and gentleness. It brings love, friendship, harmony, passion, sensuality, pleasure and is concerned with our relationships and our relationship with pleasure and joy.

The moon and Venus both have receptive qualities. In the spiritual realm, Venus and the moon work well with intuitive natures to encourage you to live in flow. They provide you with the energy that helps you open, surrender and trust.

In the physical realm, the moon represents the body so bringing that gentle energy of Venus to your body by focusing on doing things that make you feel happy, nurtured and cared for today is helpful.

In the emotional realm, allow the full spectrum of your emotions the respect they deserve today and try to express how you feel in ways that bring harmony and gentleness to your relationships.

In your art journal, draw, paint or collage an image that celebrates the planet Venus.

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with love,

Dana da Ponte


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