Reaching My Goal with the Moon and My Art Journal Day 1 - 8

Reaching My Goal with the Moon and My Art Journal Day 1 – 8

This is a summary of the journal pages I created this week under the magic of the moon to help me reach my goal.

I’m working with the moon in my art journal to reach a goal. I’m going to focus on the same money goal but each time a new lunar cycle comes around, I will consider my money goal from different angles and perspectives depending on what zodiac sign the new and full moon are in at the time and what house that zodiac sign rules in my birth chart.

Imagine the depth, clarity, clearing and amplifying I will do after cycling through all the new and full moons in the zodiac. I will have considered my goal from all 12 astrological houses in my chart, or in other words, all the different areas of my life from career to childhood and ancestors to health and spirit and every other nook and cranny of my life. I will have also considered my goal from the energy of all 12 zodiac signs.

That’s a lot of magic and clearing on one goal but that’s exactly what I want. To get specific, stay committed and go deep with one goal until it becomes a reality.

Day 1

Today the art journal prompt was to sit with a difficult feeling as you move towards your goal.

The difficult feeling I’m sitting with as I move toward my money goal with the moon and my art journal is doubt. It reared an ugly head at me this morning and growled me awake.

Is this even possible?

Can you really do this?

What you want is shallow.

You should want something different!

It hasn’t been a friendly conversation but, after listening to my MAP Your Mornings session and reading the art journal prompt for today I remembered I don’t have to believe everything I think and feelings do pass so I’m choosing to be with this uncomfortable feeling. I’m choosing to get curious.

I know its happening because some of my inner parts are afraid of the new direction my goal is leading me in. They can feel me starting to move towards my goal and they’re worried. They think its not safe and it isn’t really. It will mean stretching and growing and being vulnerable and being seen and unsafe things might happen – like people judging me or putting me down – but life isn’t about staying safe. They forget that. They just want to protect me but it’s my job to remind them I got this and they can trust me to lead the way. I hear them. I see them and I won’t ignore my inner parts or bulldoze my way past them. I will compassionately reassure them but I will also remind them I AM THE LEADER and we’re doing this despite fear. That’s what I’m needing today.

Did you decide on a goal yet?

The next free Creative Moon Cycle Guide is coming out at the Libra new moon and it would be a great start date so you have time to get clear about your goal.

Day 2

Today the moon is in the waxing crescent phase. During this phase I imagine the seeds of intention I planted at the new moon start growing tiny roots. Just like a real seed growing in the dirt, I may not be able to see all that is happening in the invisible realms but my job is to have faith and trust.

If you follow along in my weekly moon updates or are part of my Art Journal with the Moon Facebook group, you know the art journal prompt for today has to do with playing with your imagination to see how far you can stretch it – especially when you’re thinking about the goal you are working on.

As I was thinking about my goal, I tried to think of all the ways my life will change as I work towards my goal and all the ways my life will look different when I reach my goal.

This kind of imaginative practice might come naturally for some people but for me its hard. My brain tends to stay stuck in what is but I know visualization is such an important part of working my magic so I tried to stick with it today. I didn’t make tons of headway but I made a little. I visualized tending to some everyday money tasks I will have to tend to in the future.

That’s my baby moon step for today.

Day 3

Today the moon moves into the sign of Scorpio and it is in a tense relationship with Pluto. Both these things create a diving deep into your emotional and subconscious realms kind of energy. It’s a great day to ask yourself which thoughts or beliefs you carry that are not in alignment with your goals.

In my art journal, I’m practicing playing with nature symbols that support my money goals because I know at the Libra new moon, when the next Creative Moon Cycle Guide comes out, I’m going to want to create a new moon painting. I want to practice the shapes and colors and play with all the different magical symbols between now and then.

In my research I kept coming across basil as a support for money goals. Basil actually has a lot of magical uses but I love the way basil leaves conjure that feeling of prosperity. One basil plant can produce so many soft luscious leaves. It tends to grow fast and germinate easily. Basil makes me think of inviting ease and grace and flow as I try to reach my goals with the moon.

I reached some money goals in the past but I didn’t include intentions of ease and grace. It wasn’t exactly the smoothest journey. I know that as I stretch and grow I’ll have to go through growing pains but hopefully by adding intentions of ease and flow in my magic, I’ll soften the journey a bit.


Day 4

The moon is in Scorpio today so it’s no surprise I had all the feels while creating this piece.

My mast cells were not kind to me yesterday and I had to spend most of the afternoon in bed. The way my MCAS unpredictably messes with my plans and my vibes is frustrating sometimes – okay, most times!

I usually go through the same emotional cycle when a flare up happens. I get confused wondering what I did wrong to create the situation then I get frustrated that what I had planned for the day now has to be thrown out the window then eventually I finally feel acceptance and I roll with it. That’s what I’ve learned over the years – how to roll with it.

Living with a chronic condition doesn’t have to mean anything other than what I make it mean. It doesn’t have to mean falling behind unless I make it mean that. It doesn’t have to mean I won’t reach my goals unless I make it mean that. Yes, it means things take longer and I do miss out sometimes and there’s grief when that happens but overall, I get to decide what my experience means to me and what it meant to me yesterday was “Time for a deep dive!”

I wanted to support my mast cells in going through their cycle more smoothly and, hopefully, more quickly so I listened to one of my recordings from the Moon Mapping Year. I listened to #36 Addressing What Arises in the Present Moment because it is really great at giving commands to my subconscious mind based on what my body is feeling in that specific moment. I turn to that particular episode often when I’m in a flare.

As I was listening to the subconscious commands, memories surfaced around a time in my life when I played with frogs. This painting captures that memory.

I knew the memory had something to do with the money goal I’m working towards but I couldn’t figure out why at first. Then I realized, when we moved to this home, I was around 9 or 10 years old and we moved because of a difficult financial experience my parents were having!!! They had lost a lot and our lives completely changed but from my perspective things felt better in some ways.

I remember feeling like the yard and nature around this new home we moved to was magical. It felt like a fairy tale setting to me. There was a pond where frogs hung out and I used to love listening to them croak at night and I loved hunting them and picking them up during the day. My dad was the stay-at-home parent for a little while then and I remember feeling a little more grounded here. When I was painting this, the stars were twinkling as if they were angels speaking to my young self and letting her know things would get better.

I’m still unraveling these memories but I’m loving how art journaling with the moon is helping me to heal my younger inner parts who might be afraid of my money goals because of what they experienced. It feels so kind to move towards a goal while tending to my inner parts.

Day 6

Today the moon is in a tense relationship with Venus which can make it a little difficult to see the beauty in yourself or in your life. That was definitely the case for me. My inner critic was loud and bossy today. I felt like…I’m wasting my time, I should be different and I’m doing it all wrong.

Thank goddess for color and play. You can’t play in your art journal wrong. You might not like the end result but the playing is always fun.

After spending time in my journal, I realized I’m used to a certain level of stress and pressure in my life and when it isn’t to be found in my outer world, I’ll unconsciously create it in my inner world.

It makes me think of a big dial with different settings and each setting is a different vibration. The higher the number on the dial, the more tense and frantic the energy vibration. My system is used to that frantic, tense energy and when the dial comes down it gets uncomfortable. It needs to learn a new normal.

Relaxation – that’s the beauty I was reminded of today. The beauty of living in a relaxed state versus a frantic tense state. So once again I’m doing my brain rewire work with the MAP Method. I’m reminding my parts they can relax. Everything is going to be okay. I got this and when I don’t – we’ll be loved and supported in one way or another.

I had no idea choosing to commit to my money goal would require so much inner work to begin with. I mean I should have known but sometimes I forget these obvious things.

The Pisces full moon will be with us soon. It has a lot of dreamy energy. There will be time for you to dream about your BIG goal and even stretch your imagination enough to believe it could come true. Maybe you’ll get out your art journal and work to reach your goal with the moon alongside me.

Day 7

I had such a great breakthrough when I created this journal page. Ever since I set my goal, I have been activated. You know that feeling when you’re watching an action or horror movie and you’re on the edge of your seat. If you’re really into it, that can be a pretty intense feeling – just waiting for what happens next as if danger is right around the corner.

That’s the wired energy I’ve been carrying in my body ever since I set my goal. My brain went right into an old trauma response when I committed to my goal.

I suspect if you are highly sensitive like me and you’ve experienced trauma, committing to a goal that is sacred to you might make you feel this way as well.

As I created this piece, I started to unravel the tightness in my body but my body couldn’t fully let go and relax until I tweaked my goal a bit. I had to vow to myself and all my inner parts that I would reach my money goal in a gentle and peaceful way. My commitment to them and my body had to be more important than anything else.

Logically, I knew this but inner parts don’t live in the rational brain. I had to mean it all the way down to my itty bitty baby toe. Every part of me had to be in agreement with reaching my goal in a gentle and peaceful way and in a way that was kind to my body and to my other parts, like the parts of me that want to enjoy my life.

I reached a big money goal in the recent past but I was a bit of a bully to my parts. I didn’t mean to be. I just wasn’t consciously aware enough of what I was doing. I was so determined and there were so many patterns I had to break through. Looking back, I would have liked to have been just as determined but not as dismissive to my inner parts.

Reaching my goal by being a bully to myself was hard on my body but it was also hard on my relationship with myself. Yesterday, as I was painting this piece I was repairing the damage. I promised myself and all my inner parts that I wouldn’t repeat that mistake again. I WILL lead us to my goal but I WILL be kind and considerate to all my inner parts as I do it.

The moon is in a happy relationship with Jupiter today. Jupiter wants to bring harmony, well-being, kindness, justice, abundance, growth, expansion, good luck and balance to your life. The moon is supporting Jupiter’s desire to do this in your life.

Do you have a goal that you want to reach with the moon and your art journal?

If you do, spend a moment today thinking about how you can expand your imagination to the point where you can conceive of achieving more than you thought possible. You don’t have to expand your goal. You can keep it wherever it feels comfortable or right but expanding your imagination is a great exercise. What would achieving more than you thought possible look or feel like?

Day 8

In my art journal today, I spent time exploring some of the nature symbols I can use as I create art with the moon to help me reach my goal.

Because I’m working on a money goal, representing any of the waxing moon phases, like the one I painted on the spider, is helpful. During the waxing phases the moon is growing and so it brings in that energy of growth which, when you’re working on financial goals, is beneficial.

Pumpkins are a symbol of prosperity. Picture all the seeds you find in one pumpkin. That’s an abundance of possibilities.

The ten of pentacles is a card in the tarot deck I feel captures some of the important values I have around family and abundance so I like to paint ten coins or ten pentacles in my moon art when I’m working on a money goal.

The snake is a deep sacred symbol with a lot of layers and meaning to it. Part of what it represents to me is transformation, confidence and standing in my power which are qualities I’ll definitely need to call upon as I work with the moon to reach my money goal.

Marigolds have a history of representing the sun, ancestors and, according to, after the Spanish invasion, the Aztecs viewed the marigold flower as a symbol of the massacre of their people and the destruction of their way of life. It’s important to me to continue to consider the implications of colonization, exploitation and oppression as I work on money goals.

Mint is a powerful herb that reminds me I can overcome the challenges I face as I work toward my goals.

Thyme is there to remind me my goal is achievable and basil reminds me of achieving my money goals in a gentle and kind way.

Working with images of spider and her web brings to my heart the possibilities and power of my creativity.

And finally, the spiky stick on the right hand side of this image is called Devil’s Walking Stick. I had no idea this tree existed but I was on  Dana O’Driscoll’s website,, and there was an image with a collection of trees. I felt inspired to close my eyes, ask my angels and spirit guides which tree I needed to include in my moon art magic for my money goal then I moved the cursor without looking and landed on the Devil’s Walking Stick. After reading about it I cried. The fact this plant thrives on neglect which tells me I can thrive despite the emotional neglect I experienced in my life. The tree also has over-the-top defenses. This reminds me of my mast cell issues. Living with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome means my mast cells overreact – they are too defensive and too protective. There is so much spiritually and emotionally for me to unravel from that one quality I share with this plant.

Over the years, with the MAP Method, I’ve been working with my trauma response and rewiring my brain to help my nervous system to stop being so sensitive. I’ve lived around anxious, traumatized energy my entire life and I’ve carried my own trauma since I was young. There’s been so much to tend to. Its such important work for my health and my relationships but when I read about this plant, I realized its also important for my money goals. How can I open and receive when I still carry so many defenses and protections?

Have you found a goal you want to reach with the moon and your art journal yet?

Join Me

If you have a goal you’re trying to reach, I want to invite you to join me on a creative and spiritual adventure. It doesn’t matter what kind of goal it is. It can be a health goal, a parenting goal, a relationship goal, a career goal or, like me, a money goal or anything else under the moon and stars.

I want to art journal with the new and full moon on the same one goal until I reach it and I’d love for you to join me.

It might take a year to reach my goal. It might take several. I don’t care. I’m in it until I reach it.

You can learn more here.

with love,

Dana da Ponte



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