Reaching My Goal with the Moon and My Art Journal Day 9 - 18

Reaching My Goal with the Moon and My Art Journal Day 9 – 18

This is a summary of the journal pages I created this week under the magic of the moon to help me reach my goal.

I’m working with the moon in my art journal to reach a goal. I’m going to focus on the same goal but each time a new lunar cycle comes around, I will consider my goal from different angles and perspectives depending on what zodiac sign the new and full moon are in at the time and what house that zodiac sign rules in my birth chart.

Imagine the depth, clarity, clearing and amplifying I will do after cycling through all the new and full moons in the zodiac. I will have considered my goal from all 12 astrological houses in my chart, or in other words, all the different areas of my life from career to childhood and ancestors to health and spirit and every other nook and cranny of my life. I will have also considered my goal from the energy of all 12 zodiac signs.

That’s a lot of magic and clearing on one goal but that’s exactly what I want. To get specific, stay committed and go deep with one goal until it becomes a reality. Why don’t you get your art journal out and join me?

Day 9

Yesterday’s art journal with the moon prompt was to revisit my new moon intentions.

The moon is growing until it reaches the Pisces full moon on Saturday and in these waxing moon phases I like thinking about the experiences I want to grow in my life and the qualities I want to grow in myself.

I thought about how I wanted to capture my new moon intentions in my art journal and the idea of that “Now what?” feeling came to mind. After reaching one of my BIG goals recently that’s how I felt…exhilarated, grateful and in the excited energy of “Now what?”

So this is an image of my kitchen table with a great big bouquet of flowers because that is one of the ways I want to celebrate reaching my goals – filling my home with beautiful fresh flowers.

The three tarot cards on the table represent me feeling ready to look inward and seek guidance once again from my highest self and my spirit guides and angels to see what direction my soul wants to go now that I’ve achieved my goal.

I have such a very long way to go but revisiting my goal with the moon is a special kind of magic that I’m grateful I chose to commit to.


Day 10

I managed to only create this journal page so far this week because the journal pages I created with the moon last week worked so much magic I had to slow down and catch up with all the changes they initiated.

I’m old enough and spent enough time with conscious creation to know that my words, my decisions and my art – even when I’m playing – is powerful but I forget this ALL THE TIME.

Committing to reach my goal with the moon in my art journal set me on a path – as all decisions and declarations do – and once I was on that path everything in my life started to shift and change and adjust to the new direction I’m moving in.

I felt it emotionally. I felt it energetically and now I’m clear about some BIG changes that need to happen in my physical reality.

There’s such a powerful magic to deciding something with conviction. It’s like making a booming statement to the Universe that sends ripples out into the cosmos which then sets events into motion – some I consciously expect but most I do not! I suspect that’s where the cliché “Be careful what you wish for” comes in. There’s only so much I can control. The rest is magic unfolding and my job is to flow with it.

That’s great when I’m experiencing the beauty of synchronicity and possibilities and all around great things happening from my magic. It’s a little more challenging when the energy set into motion shows me where I need to stretch and grow if I want to continue down the path I declared I wanted to be on.

It’s like facing the question, “Are you sure?” Because if you’re sure, it means having to do this or that and change this or that.

I’m no longer at the phase where I show my conviction by declaring it. I’m now at the phase of the creation process where I show my conviction with my actions. It’s time to do the work. Do the inner work that is revealing itself and showing me needs to be done and do the physical doing. It’s time to take the risks. Make the changes that need to be made and put it all into action so I can continue to flow with the energy that is moving in the direction I so bravely declared I want to go.

Here’s hoping I can continue to be brave.

Day 12

The moon is in the sign of Aries today and in the spirit of that fire sign, the art journal prompt for today is the draw, paint or collage what lights you up. Since I’m art journaling with the moon to reach a money goal I thought of something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time which is visit Sao Miguel, the island where my husband’s parents were born and lived before they came to Canada.

I drew a scene I hope to live out one day.

On the table of a local cafe sits our coffee cups and my paper and pencil because in this vision I’m working on my next book (I still have to finish my first one). The idea of researching and creating for my next book lights me up.

More of this please.

Day 16

The moon is in the disseminating phase. It’s just starting to become smaller after the Pisces full moon. The art journal with the moon prompt yesterday was to create a certificate of achievement to celebrate something you feel you’ve accomplished recently. It could be a physical achievement or an internal one like overcoming a fear or finding forgiveness.

As I reach towards my money goal, I chose to celebrate the fact I feel as comfortable with the light as I do with the dark – or in other words, I’m learning to love the things I like about myself as much as the things I often struggle to like such as my sensitive nature or my indecisive tendencies.

I chose to create my certificate of achievement on my handprint because handprints feel like powerful declarations to me. It’s as if they shout, “Here I am!” or “This is me”.

I placed an image of the Portuguese rooster because it’s a symbol of good luck. There are roots growing from my finger and a plant stretching into the cosmos which reminds me of expansion and growth – qualities I want to create more of to help me reach my goal. The dandelions symbolize my childhood and the challenging parts of it I’ve learned to face and embrace. The bear and the eye symbolize my ability to see into unseen realms and the power of working with my subconscious mind. The roses represent my devotion to the Great Mother. The geese flying in the background symbolize how I want my creations to reach far off places – like how Canadian geese find homes in both the northern countries and the southern ones. I drew the fish there because one of the ways I’ll know I reached my money goal is when I can buy my husband a fishing boat (shh. Don’t tell him.)

Have you found a goal you want to reach with the moon and your art journal yet?

Day 18

Yesterday, the moon was in a happy relationship with Mercury.

It was a day when your right and left brain are more likely to be harmonious and respectful of each other. The art journal prompt for the day was to create an image that represents what it looks or feels like to you when your left and right brain are operating harmoniously.

I thought of my left analytical and practical brain as the colors black and white and I thought of my right creative and intuitive brain as bright colors. I love incorporating black and white designs on colorful shapes and images.

I must have worked through some blocks and shifted some energy while creating this page in my journal because when I was finished I was ready to make a big change in my business. I’ve known I’ve had to make this change for a while now. It’s something that needs to be done if I want to make space for reaching my money goal but I was feeling blocked. I couldn’t get myself to do what I knew I needed to do but I finally did it!!

I love the way magic works. When I’m creating with intention it’s like I’m just floating on a river following the current. I don’t have to effort my way to where I want to go. I can relax and meander and play and I’ll get there.

Join Me

If you have a goal you’re trying to reach, I want to invite you to join me on a creative and spiritual adventure. It doesn’t matter what kind of goal it is. It can be a health goal, a parenting goal, a relationship goal, a career goal or, like me, a money goal or anything else under the moon and stars.

I want to art journal with the new and full moon on the same one goal until I reach it and I’d love for you to join me.

It might take a year to reach my goal. It might take several. I don’t care. I’m in it until I reach it.

You can learn more here.

with love,

Dana da Ponte



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