How to Plan a Creative Moon Party

How to Plan a Creative Moon Party

 Have you ever wanted to gather your friends for a night of moon magic? These are my suggestions for planning a moon party that will hopefully inspire as much creativity and soul connection as it does laughter and healing.

I love gathering with a group of friends under the magic of the moon. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I’ve been doing it for over 25 years. I even did it in my work for many years. I hosted online moon circles and in-person moon circles in my home studio. My culture is focused too much on productivity, busyness and consumerism and has cast aside slow, mindful gatherings where we connect with each other in deep and meaningful ways. Hosting moon parties is one way I started to invite back into my life the joys and pleasures of good food, good friends and meaningful conversations.

Coming together under the magic of the new or full moon is sacred, mystical and heart-opening. It doesn’t need to be complicated or fancy. You can keep it as simple as you like or pull out all the bells and whistles – or should I say all the wands and candles? If you have a group of friends you’d like to spend an evening in sacred ritual with, you might enjoy hosting a creative moon party. Here are my suggestions on how to do that along with some pretty party elements you might want to use.

Choose a Date and Theme

Planning a creative moon party will obviously center around the moon itself. The first question to ask yourself is whether you want to host a new moon party or a full moon party. Generally, a party on the full moon is going to feel more energized and social whereas a party on the new moon will feel a little more intimate and low key.

The new moon is when the moon is darkest in the sky. I like to plan new moon magic around setting intentions, visualizing the future, manifesting, magnetizing your intentions, planning, dreaming, imagination and worthiness. Depending on my desires, because the new moon is so close to the balsamic moon, I might also plan a new moon party with themes I usually explore during the waning phases such as intuition, spirit signs, past lives, dreams, synchronicity, subconscious healing, unconditional love, self-love, healing the mother wound, reparenting, shadow work, guilt, shame, fear, loss, grief, rage, dark mother, facing internalized oppression, racism, white supremacy, ableism, sexism, homophobia and the effects of colonialism and capitalism.

The full moon is when the moon is big and bright and round. I like to plan full moon magic around surrender, trust, intuition, divination communicating with Spirit or your angels, the third eye chakra, the crown chakra, forgiveness, release or cleansing and letting go. I also would center full moon gatherings around themes such as harvest, celebration, gratitude, abundance, receiving and opening

You can further narrow down the perfect vibe by considering which zodiac sign the moon is in on the evening you’re planning your party. The moon changes signs approximately every two and a half days. The sign the moon falls in on the evening of your party can further influence the general attitude or mood of your guests and it can enhance or magnify the theme you want to center the evening around. The graphic below summarizes some common themes associated with each zodiac sign. A moon party when the moon is full and in the sign of Gemini will have a much different energy signature than a moon party hosted on a night when the new moon is in the sign of Scorpio.


Plan an Activity

The activity you choose to do at your moon party will obviously be dictated by your theme. You may also want to consider the size of your group, the supplies you’ll need to enjoy the activity and the length of time the activity will take. Activities can be short and sweet like pulling tarot or oracle cards together and sharing each other’s impressions of the messages or coloring in a collection of fun coloring books. The main activity could also be more complicated like a complete ritual or ceremony with an opening, middle and close. I tend to host activities that center around art journaling. Any of the art rituals I feature on my blog would work as well. Here’s a list of some you might enjoy:

Scrying with the full moon
Claim your destiny with the new moon
Quieting the Inner Critic
Saying Yes to Your Dreams
Releasing an Emotional Trigger
Building Your Relationship with Spirit
Planting Roots of Intention with the New Moon
Blue Moon Watercolor Scrying
Shed Your Conditioning and Trust Your Intuition
The Love Quilt
A Wish for Your Love Life
Full Moon in Leo Art Ritual
New Moon Mandala
Mandala Forecast for the Year Ahead
New Moon Wishing Tree
New Moon Spiced Vision Board
Angel Wing Wishes

Leave Room for Feelings

Depending on the nature of the party and the level of connection between your guests, it might be helpful to leave space for everyone to share their experience of completing the activity before moving on to the meal or food portion of the party. We desperately need more time to share our feelings in a safe, non-judgmental space. Inviting everyone to share any thoughts, emotions, memories or issues that were triggered while they completed the activity is one way to leave space for anyone to share whatever is on their hearts if they so desire. I would never force anyone to share if they don’t want to. We are not all comfortable with the same things. Let your guests choose for themselves how much they want to participate.

Closing with Gratitude

A great way to transition from activity and sharing to celebration is to ask everyone to share something they are grateful about. Gratitude is a beautiful way to shift the energy and close the sharing circle. Once everyone has shared, the party can easily move from introspective or intuitive activity to a lighter more playful social gathering around food and drink. And since most people will have shared from the heart, they will most likely relate to one or two other stories that have been shared which makes socializing and connecting easier and more meaningful.

Helpful Tools

To help make hosting a moon party a little easier on you, I’ve included some helpful tools you can use. I would print each of these out on cardstock paper. There are stars you can cut out to scatter around your food table. There are moon phase images you can glue onto toothpicks and stick into cupcakes or squares. There are moon themed place cards you can fold and place on each person’s dinner plate. I even included some big moons you can cut out and use to place secret messages under your guests’ plates. And to get the whole thing started, I created an invitation you can fold and seal with wax or wrap with ribbon and place in an envelope to mail…yes, like in a real mailbox.

Download the Moon Party Tools Here

Join Me

If you’re not ready to host a creative moon party yet but you want to meet fellow creatives and learn more about the moon phases and how to work with them in your art journal, you might love my upcoming class; How to Art Journal with the Moon 101. In this class, we’ll dive deep into moon magic and you’ll learn how to work with all eight phases of the moon in your art journal.

with love,

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